Janet Greene

My name is Janet Greene. I want to share with you my own personal story of how I created Greene’s Release, how it totally changed my life, and how this amazingly simple technique can transform your life.

I remember standing in my backyard as a very young child of 3 or 4, and looking at my brother after something he had done to me and saying to myself, “This is not how it is meant to be. Life is not supposed to be like this. I do not belong here. Something is wrong.”

I had no idea how life was meant to be. I just knew this was not it.

I grew up distanced from my life, as if I was on the outside watching these events happening to someone and that someone just happened to be me. It never made sense to me.

I never had goals or dreams of a future, or wanted to be anything when I grew up. Actually, I don’t think I expected to grow up and become an adult. Not once did I imagine or picture myself living any life as an adult.

I lived a life as a bystander, watching myself act in the strangest ways, without any ability or control of what I felt or how I behaved. I thoroughly disliked this person I was living as.

Needless to say my life was a very dramatic one. I was the one people told jokes about. The one who went from one drama to the next, always needing someone to rescue them, because if it could go wrong, it did. People joked about my situation with a sigh, thankful that it was me and not them living this drama.

One day, when my life had reached yet another crisis, that I hadn’t been able to resolve even after trying as hard as I could, I stood in the middle of my home office and heard the thought “enough, I don’t want to do this anymore. I give up, and I would rather leave than keep doing this.”

Then another followed “I will give it 3 months, then if nothing has happened by then to change how I feel, I am leaving.”

Then something amazing happened. All my fear vanished. I had no need to worry or figure out how to fix anything. I was done and finally was free. I didn’t care what happened.

This decision to flatly refuse to continue living a life of pain and heartache turned my world upside down. It was as if giving up my will to live, opened the door for my inner self to break through a lifetime of fear and torment, and take charge. I didn’t care what happened, so gave it free reign.


Within two weeks another amazing thing happened. I did my first spontaneous release. I instinctively told myself what to do and how to do it.

I actually went right into my subconscious mind to find, resolve and release one of my issues, as if it was the easiest and most natural thing to do.

Then I heard the wondrous epiphany as my inner truth revealed itself to create a new belief – these are always the opposite of the original thought and belief.

After that, whenever I felt an uncomfortable emotion, I would lie down and direct myself through this process. I didn’t have to figure out anything about what I was feeling, or try and understand it, because by allowing myself to just feel the emotion, I could talk myself through the steps to follow the feeling to its source.

It is an incredible thing to experience. Like running an old movie from a long forgotten event, to see, feel and hear the stories about it, in vivid detail. Very much like watching a television movie about yourself -and also being the character within it.

I remember a particular one in vivid detail. When following a strong feeling that I was not lovable, and letting the emotion lead me to the story, I saw a car pull up in my grandparents back yard. It was very late at night. I saw my father carry my older brother inside as he slept, then felt myself wanting to be carried too (I was about 6 years old at the time) so I pretended to be asleep.

My mother tried to wake me, but I kept pretending to be asleep. In the end, she became impatient, yelled at me then walked inside, leaving me outside in the dark.

As I watched the movie, I heard the child’s thoughts and feelings. And then heard and felt myself as a 6-year-old decide that they loved my brother and not me. I heard myself come to the clear conclusion that I would have to be independent and never need them or their help ever again. No-one could love me.

Of course, I finished the release and ended up with the new belief that I am lovable, which changed everything.

The amazing thing is that I had no recollection of this event prior to doing the release – which took me right into my unconscious memory banks, but afterwards, fully understood why I felt that no-one could love me, and why I behaved in such strange ways whenever someone did love me – I just couldn’t believe it.

This release was later named the Greene’s Release Technique.

Thus began my self led introspective journey that not only led me within, but half way across the world, from Australia to America. Everyday was an adventure to experience, and then go within and listen to discover what the experience meant.

People came from everywhere, to help set up the situations and trigger the topics I unknowingly wished to learn about. My life was on a fast-track, while I jumped from one experience to the next.

As each belief was removed and I began to understand myself, I noticed that the growing sense of freedom to feel, and be, and express, and live life as I’d always known that it should be, became an automatic part of my life.

I was going through the process of addressing everything I needed to clean out and finish with the last of my memories and core beliefs, so I could be free to create and live my own new life. I let everything come and lead me freely.

As I finished groups of releases that became themes, I started hearing detailed concepts about that theme. Pure knowing was flowing from within me – yet it all made perfect sense.

I understood the purpose of childhood, and why we take on such painful core beliefs. And how our perceptions and expectations create difficult and dramatic lives. I saw the plays that we each engage in to experience our childhood core beliefs, and the roles we so eagerly play within them. And then how these micro plays become macro plays as our community companions all join in the drama. I even saw how our dear soul friends come to join our physical experience to add the perfect component we need to fulfill it.

At one point I would complete a release, then instinctively type epiphanies about in depth concepts of life and living, without any thought or knowledge of what I was actually typing. I was then drawn back in amazement as I realized the complexity of the information, which made perfect sense, and I knew, but just had never consciously thought about previously.

This experience, and the information I discovered still amazes me to this day. I wrote about things in specific detail that I had never consciously studied (I had no prior interest in personal development or metaphysics), thought about, nor had any knowledge or experience of. Yet I knew all about them intuitively.

My writings became the Greene’s Release Materials.

This ordinary girl who was scared of shadows and had never had a fight with a man, or expressed her feelings to anyone, took a journey to learn about the meaning of life – from the inside out. And what a journey it was!


Directing My Dream Life

At one point, I wrote about my dream life in great detail – where I would live, the people in my life, what I would be doing… And then I nearly fell over when the very next week I found myself driving up a driveway to the same house in my dream. I didn’t even know they had houses with land in Maryland, let alone with a stream, as I had only seen the built up areas until then.

To my amazement, the people at this BBQ were all versions of me. I was meeting my past, present and future selves. Each one had followed the path of one of my earlier interests. The grandmother who cared for her grandchildren – her daughter’s name was the same as my daughter’s. The mother who began home schooling her son in the same year I began home schooling my son – both had the same names. Even the natural therapist, who went on to go right into the world of energy and healing modalities. I knew everything about them, even before they shared their stories. It was very strange.

The most unusual thing to me was that they instantly loved me and wanted to know all about “this newcomer.” When I later told my son about the experience he calmly said “who wouldn’t love you?” That was when I began to learn about love.

I will never forget my dear soul friend who came to trigger me into learning about relationships, and the dating game. This poor man watched me go crazy as I literally jumped from one love issue to the next, and said nothing. Just so I could learn and finish with my fears of love – which I did.

Or the lady who came to show me the things I hated about myself by acting them out. Our relationship (or battle, as many viewed it) was the talk of the town. Everywhere I went, she was there, and it kept going, on and on and on. Then one day, when I finally “got it”, and took a good look at myself and cringed, I learned how to create the me I wanted to be, and then never saw her again.

One day I watched the drama unfold on a local television station as the callers became more and more excited and scared when a funnel cloud started to form. As I looked out my second floor window, I saw a huge black cloud heading straight for me. I watched and felt my own fear grow, as I had no idea what to do. Then I reached a spontaneous decision to refuse to live through the direct hit of a tornado… and watched it literally make a right turn and dissipate into nothing.

I realized right then, that I had the power to create anything with one decision.

The more I opened to listen to my intuition, the more I learned about nature, and connections with our dear soul friends, and the majik of life itself.

Some Majikal Adventures

As time progressed and I was ready to begin learning about the greater meaning of life, I was led through a series of ‘strange’ experiences.

Remember I am the skeptic who did not believe in ‘out there’ concepts.

Traveling through America and Canada, I met a wonderful medicine man at a pow wow I stumbled upon in a very remote location. He had been waiting for me. He taught me how to remember and open to the native ways. We danced and he gave me a name, Benesee (little bird), and introduced me to the elders that would adopt me into their family, should I decide to follow that path and live with the Indians.

One day, when I was sitting next to him, I felt something go right through and into my stomach, and then move around inside. It was very weird, but as I turned and looked at him, he had a big grin on his face. And I just said thank you.

He helped me remember how to open up to ancient knowing and connect with nature. I remember driving through a very remote section of Michigan, and stopping each time the bald eagles came down to circle my car in greeting, and looking about, as I recognized the area.

I had no idea prior, but I knew the tribe that had lived here long ago, and the famous story. As I stood, I felt and listened to it all. I felt so comfortable and happy that I had come home to visit an old friend – the land. My memories were confirmed when I later looked up the location on the map…

Another time, while driving through Pennsylvania, I knew what was ahead on the road before I could see it, and the name of a town that use to be there, and even the next town before reaching it.

After checking the location mileage, I learned that I had felt the overwhelming sadness and was sick to my stomach along the Mason Dixon Line, which I didn’t even know existed prior. I had felt the hundreds of soldiers who had died, and knew all about the battles in great detail.

While I was finishing off some past life issues (something that I didn’t believe in or know anything about) with someone I had re-met in America, it all came together…

I discovered that they are not past lives, but in the same location and all happening at the same time.

I could literally be in a building and walk out the door and nearly fall to the ground as I jumped into another life hundreds of years prior – feeling as that person who lived that life.


I traveled half way across the world, healed my heart and then came home…

My fearful mind is now calm. I am at peace and happy for the first time in my life. I am free to be me!
Today it is my goal to share the Greene’s Release materials with as many people as possible, and help them gain freedom from their fears, their anger, their grief, their depression, and all the other negative states of being.

Life is like visiting a Chinese restaurant. You have to sample the items on the menu before you can choose your favorite ones to enjoy.

The Greene’s Release materials will show you, step-by-step, how to fill your life with favorites.

I am convinced, after seeing thousands of people benefit from Greene’s Release, that anyone can live a life of happiness, inner peace, and success in the world – regardless of their past or present circumstances. So please join me in creating deep and positive changes not only for yourself, but for the whole world.