Grief Focus

Grief Focus

I am sorry for your loss.

Grief can be a companion in your life for years, one that you get used to having around. In a society that seems for the most part to feel uncomfortable discussing grief and loss, we have been shortchanged when it comes to knowing how to deal with our grief emotions and pain.

While traditional models focus on learning how to “cope with the pain” we focus on healing the pain. You can heal and recover after this devastating experience. There is life after loss…

Our Selection of Grief Materials

Some people who come to this website are ready to “heal their grief”, while others are not quite there. This is because grief is something that you can only face when ready. Select the section below that applies to you.

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    + Ready To Face And Heal Grief
    Options to heal your grief:

    While our Grief Category has a selection of very informative grief articles, that will help you understand your grief better, I suggest that you avoid all articles until you have ordered our Heal Your Pain: Releasing The Emotions of Grief and Loss workbook.


    • Reading will undermine your decision that you have to heal this pain.
    • You have probably spent a lot of time reading about grief already, and as you know, reading does not heal your pain.
    • It is very easy to distract yourself by reading instead of taking action.
    • You are ready to heal your grief, so that is your focus!


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    + Not Ready To Face And Heal Grief
    Our Grief Category has many grief articles, in podcast (MP3/Transcript) and blog format. They provide insights that clarify why you feel as you do. To help you stop blaming yourself for not coping as well as you think you should be, and understand what is happening to you. These articles provide a good informational foundation about grief.

    How to proceed: