Its a simple technique that removes emotional wounds, PERMANENTLY!


Greene’s Release is like nothing you have read about or tried before. It’s not about mantras or affirmations or positive thinking at all.

Until now we kept trying to push our emotional pain and fears back inside, like the out of site – out of mind technique of working our hardest to ignore the things that bother us.

The Greene’s Release Technique is a very simple technique that makes it possible to actually find and permanently remove the things that bother us. Yes, that’s correct. It is very possible to remove our fears, negative beliefs of ourselves, emotional wounds, painful memories that we keep reliving every day.

We can actually choose anything that doesn’t feel good, and remove it and its impact on us and our lives!!!

But it gets even better. Just by listening, we discover where these painful emotions came from, why we took them on, how they have made us the person we are today, and much much more…

So after the release, we walk away with a deep understanding of how we came to be the person we are today.

This might help you understand it more:

Think about something that bothers you, on a regular basis. It might be something from your childhood, a painful breakup with a spouse, death of a child, see if you can just think of one thing that still bothers you to this day.

Now, imagine if there was a way for you to unlock the door to where the emotional pain from this event is stored. And when you opened this door all the information that’s been hidden from you came flying out, so you instantly knew everything about it. How it happened, why you were so hurt, what it meant, how it has made you feel since, the impact it has had on what you think of yourself and your life, and much more.

So, you now understand the original situation, and its impact on you clearly.

Next, I want you to imagine what it might be like if you could pick this emotion up and remove it from your being, permanently. The relief, the peace, the sense of resolution. Whenever you think of this topic again, you will not feel any emotion at all. It’s rather a strange feeling.

But, the big part is that the impact of this painful issue that has haunted your life is completely gone too!

That means, no more thinking about it, no more mind chatter warnings that it could happen again, no more fears that it created, no more worry, or regret. No more anything that this topic created.

Instead, you’ll feel peace, and understanding, and freedom, and love.

I hope that helped clear it up a bit more, if not just ask away.




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