An excerpt from Heal Your Self – A Journey to Find YOU

Activity – Rating List Experiment

Did you know that within your mind is a list, a very powerful one that rates all events on a scale from good to bad?

Try this exercise and you’ll see what I mean. Think of 2 things you may do next week, one good and one bad. Perhaps sitting outside in the sunshine reading a book and going to the dentist. Can you feel them?

Stop for a moment and think on each. Watch and feel your mind and body reactions. The dentist vision may cause you to literally shake, while the other relaxes you. One simple thought has created such strong mind and physical reactions within you, purely because of this rating list.

Is not feeling about an experience? Is it not something we won’t know until the actual event? What are the implications of already knowing a feeling prior to experiencing it in reality?

We humans actually forgot to keep the act of feeling within the moment that we experience it. No wonder we don’t feel, no wonder we’ve forgotten how, we haven’t needed to feel anything because our minds have already determined what it would be like in its entirety and the judgment of good or bad already made.

That judgment dictates our expectations, mood and motivation to experience events. Why experience anything if our minds have already thought of, experienced and evaluated it? How could we have any real concept of what feeling is?

Removing the Rating List

What if we choose to scrap this mind-rating list and discover what it is to feel for ourselves? What might we find? Is that possible?

Yes it is very possible and a truly wonderful and releasing experience. When we understand this concept and consciously work to eliminate it, a whole new world opens up to us. One of wonder and joy. Keeping this mind-rating list inhibits all we are and experience; it is draining and depressing.

Let’s do this gradually, step by step so we build a sound foundation of feeling in what will seem a new way, but which is really how we began as children.

From FeelingHeal Your Self – A Journey to Find You by Janet Greene


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