Janet Greene begins by telling us “You can have whatever you wish in life!” – and then actually shows us how to do it! And it works!

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The Greene’s Release materials introduce innovative concepts and techniques that use our own method of reverse metaphysics, including the emotional release process, self guided meditation and intuitive reading.

“I’ve never felt this ever before, and I had counseling for the abuse and thought that was all in order. I couldn’t believe when I started to cry because I really thought I’d dealt with it. Now I feel empty like something’s missing inside me Yikes! Wow, that is amazing!”

Greene’s Release Technique

The subconscious mind is nothing like we thought. And that has been the problem all along – thinking.

While the conscious mind thinks and rationalizes, the subconscious mind feels, and that is the key to gaining access to our core beliefs, fears, memories and storehouse of emotions that create our everyday life experiences.

The Greene’s Release technique is a self directed method that uses feeling to walk right into and communicate directly with your subconscious mind.

“I am astounded that I came up with that! I don’t think I could have contemplated that I felt guilty. I’ve been punishing myself haven’t I?”

As you listen, your subconscious shares new information about your core beliefs, so that you can remove it and its emotional component – completely and permanently – from your being.

The skewed belief is then automatically replaced with the exact opposite belief – a positive, life affirming philosophy – which automatically creates the exact opposite life experience.

The Greene’s Release Technique will enable you to:

“I’ve used the Sedona Method and EFT, but there is no comparison – this is a whole new level.

I didn’t for one second think that I still had such immense pain in relation to my dad.

Now all I feel is peace. Total peace!”

  • Discover and eliminate the subconscious cause of any uncomfortable thought, feeling, or emotion – eliminating the possibility of any future repeats.
  • Empty your stockpile of emotions.
  • Heal any past experience.
  • Change any belief or rule of life.
  • Discover, then resolve/release the cause of any life issue, therefore eliminating that issue for good.
  • Discover, then eliminate the known or unrealized base cause of anger, resentment, dislike of people, guilt, phobias, fears, anxiety, post traumatic stress, weight issues, emotional distress, and many other negative emotions.
  • Discover, then resolve/release the cause of low self-image.

    Greene’s Meditation

    “The meditation helped calm and clear my mind, then I had several insights, and even found a solution to this issue.”

    By stepping back and merely watching your concious train of thoughts, Greene’s Meditation makes it possible to completely silence all mind chatter and thoughts, then experience the euphoria of flying freely, without mind constraints.



    Intuitive Reading

    “What a lovely way to look at it!”

    Greene’s Intuitive Reading teaches you how to bring the written word into your own world of physical experience – so you may apply and assimilate the groundbreaking ideas and concepts to you and your specific circumstances.

    Living Consciously
    Conscious living is about coming out of the fog and “helpless” view of life to be completely aware that you are in control of what you want, where you are headed, and what you have to do to get there.

    There is no study of metaphysics necessary to reach this level of conscious living, as it naturally develops while you experience and apply the Greene’s Release materials directly to your own life circumstances – and form your own knowing.

    As each piece of knowing slots together, you will be able to freely step back and view life and all it encompasses from the bigger picture. You will know and experience your own nature of reality, where you have come from, what comprises your life force, and the meaning of your life. You will naturally bring that knowing right back into your physical everyday reality, as you live the spiritual in the physical.

    Living consciously is living on the fly!