Janet Greene begins by telling us “You can have whatever you wish in life!” – and then actually shows us how to do it! And it works!

The Process   Learning   Techniques    Testimonials

The comments and results described here ARE typical of those achieved with Greene’s Release.

“This exercise is fantastic!
I never thought feeling the emotion and releasing it could work.
I can’t cry anymore. I tried to feel sad and I can’t anymore, it is gone!”


“I feel rejuvenated, and a sense of freedom. I can’t really explain. It’s a feeling. Nothing intellectual.” Kerrie


“Janet, you are very precious, as you have shown me the possibilities
of seeing I am too.”


“Oh My! They were wrong! After beating myself up for 30 years I’ve just realized there is nothing wrong with me after all. I can’t stop smiling.” Frank


“Instead of being self conscious, I just went out to the mall and enjoyed myself. After a while I relaxed and everyone began smiling back at me,
then I watched them and began to notice how they smiled at other people
and generally looked happier.”


“To imagine that such a simple thing that I did,
could impact on other people in this way was awesome!”


“I feel release – no fatigue though. Hey this is really neat – I’ve never felt this sort of balance with her before. Calm, Nothing negative – no hurt or pain. I feel balanced. That is the word, balanced. I LOVE her! She is me and I bring her back to me and embrace her with whole hearted openness and LOVE.”


“You know I’ve been asking for healing for this for a while now – in my mind and heart… so neat that it manifests now… like this. I am really quite impressed! Thank you SO very much Janet.” Rhonda


“I have accomplished more this week than I have in the last 2 months!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming and offering me
this wonderful experience!”