Phobia Testimonials

“This is my AMAZING story. Well, its amazing to me šŸ™‚

I feared spiders for as long as I can remember. It got worse as I got older, until I was on the verge of a panic attack just from seeing one run across the carpet. At 16, I went to see a hypnotist/NLP practitioner.

This guy is no joker, he’s now one of the most successful hypnotists in the UK. I booked a one-on-one session and he talked me into a trance and gave me different ways to look at spiders… giving them personalities, hearing the happy Looney Tunes music when I saw them, etc. He probably placed other suggestions I wasn’t aware of or have since forgotten about.

I left that day and managed to touch a very small spider in my bathroom. I convinced myself I was cured. I wanted so much to be free. But it wasn’t long before I met another creepy crawly and felt my heartrate rushing once again. I acted calmer than before, but deep down I knew it was just a brave front.

Then I began having night terrors in which I woke up screaming in the middle of the night, seeing spiders in my bedroom. The screaming was an involuntary response, as was leaping out of bed and thrashing around the room.

Unfortunately, I was conscious of and remembered all of it. After a few minutes the the hallucinations would dissolve and I would “wake up” to reality. This didn’t stop the experience being truly, utterly terrifying.

Then – just recently – I found a new way to talk to the subconscious mind, called Greene’s Release. Janet Greene (the creator) explained that the hypnosis had merely suppressed my phobia on a conscious level, but deep down the phobia was still there. She talked me through a release session – I can’t explain completely what happens but it is unlike hypnosis or NLP – and I felt a massive relief afterward. In fact, I felt on top of the world.

The very next day (as fate would have it!) I found a Whitetail in my living room. These are big enough to make anyone look twice and are known as attacking spiders in New Zealand, they will jump on you and bite! Normally this would whip me into a frenzy. I TRIED to feel something, anything, because I didn’t want to trick myself this time – but I felt absolutely no fear at all. I calmly got a glass and dealt with it. No rushing heartbeat, no feelings of disgust, no shuddering, or screaming, or fleeing the room for help!

Even thinking about spiders now makes me feel nothing. Janet sourced the root of my phobia and released that terrible emotion and misconception that has been following me around all my life.

This is an amazing technique that goes way beyond hypnosis or NLP or anything else I’ve ever heard of.

If you have a phobia that’s driving you crazy, I urge you to try this. Rebecca