Child Abuse Testimonials

The following comments are real, made while doing abuse release sessions. They are provided here to demonstrate the impact of the Greene’s Release Technique.

Before Release:“It made me feel disgusting. I don’t even enjoy having sex because every time I try to make love I feel like I’m reliving it – and afterwards I feel ashamed and gross. I remember as a kid scrubbing and scrubbing my body when I took showers because I always felt disgusting after it happened like I had some sort of film on me. I couldn’t even wear tight clothes because I just always felt like I had hands all over me. I just always felt different from that day forward like I wasn’t a kid after that.

After Release: It just feels like there’s nothing left in there. I just feel quiet inside. I’m seeing images of things that happened but no real emotion reacting to them. It’s so easy. haha I feel a lot better actually. I don’t feel anything really – just peaceful and happy. Years of therapy and medication never made me feel this good 😉

I guess when you’re a victim you feel ashamed if people know it and I was too scared to face those feelings – and have to go through feeling disgusting every time I thought about it.”

Before Release: “She always seemed to think I was a horrible child but I don’t understand why. I was always walking on eggshells. From when I was about five years old I was always afraid she would kick me out of the house.

After Release: It feels lighter, more relaxed, I can breathe more easily now. I was so small and innocent, did never really do anything wrong.”

Before Release: “All my life I have been abused, I was trained to allow abuse, so I did. Now I understand it isn’t good. I KNOW I don’t want it. It makes you feel like less than human. It makes you feel like a slave or an animal. I thought I broke it. I thought I was free. And now I see I am NOT free at all. Oh I FEEL IT. I have felt it for 51 yrs. I WANT IT TO STOP!!! I AM DONE WITH IT. And somehow I keep stepping into it! To face the abuse scares me. I survived it once. I don’t ever want to face it again.

After Release: I think it is gone, feels empty. Almost like I vomited up three days worth of food. Just sort of hollow. I really think I got it, breath moves easy now.” Janet: If I ask you about your father sexually abusing you, what do you feel? “Nothing. It happened *shrug* It wasn’t right. But it is over. That was miraculous! It is most amazing. You actually did something kind of boggling. You see I have never had memories of it until tonight. I have had NO memory of what happened. Never. It was just clear from things that he had said and behaviors of mine that it had happened. Problem with the memory is I was so young. There are no words. I couldn’t talk.”

Before Release: “I don’t want to feel sad. I’ve been for a very long time and I guess I’ve been suppressing it. I started feeling this way more so after having a baby. I am so scared after having this baby that I cannot get close to him. I guess I am scared that I’m somehow going to molest him somehow. It’s a secret she’s been carrying for a long time and she’s feeling guilty, dirty. I was molested.

After release: Why do I feel empty? I feel nothing. I think I should feel something no? Ok. I can’t cry anymore. I tried to feel sad and I can’t anymore. It’s gone! This exercise is fantastic, I never thought feeling the emotion and releasing it could work.”

Before Release: “It goes way back, childhood sexual abuse, and as adult anger for not being able to express my emotions verbally. I’m shut down. Angry for decisions I made that I feel I should have known better, angry because I’m physically dependent on people. Anger wants to yell at dad, for everything. Yell and cry for the stuff that happened. Angry because I thought I’d healed everything. Anger wants to spin out of control until it can’t go anymore!

After Release: Think about the topic again, picture yourself in a room being sexually abused. What do you feel? “Nothing ?? Fair enough. It’s done. lol Finished. She felt the sadness and was relieved and we replaced it with love and she smiled when I hugged her.”