Your New Life After Greene’s Release

Greene’s Release Shows You How To Physically Recreate Your Life & Live The Exact Opposite Experience of What You Now Live!

Anyone can live this lifestyle! It merely reflects the opposites that naturally occur when you remove the cause of your pain and heartache – what Greene’s Release teaches you how to do!


When you remove the cause of your stress – you automatically calm and relax as there is nothing to be stressed and upset about.
When you remove the cause of painful emotions – you instantly feel the opposite emotion – warm and fuzzy inside, as you’re so happy to be free of the pain.
When you remove what prevents you from being happy – all that can be left is happiness.

As you read the following, close your eyes and imagine yourself living this life – feel the peace and warmth inside you grow.

This life is patiently waiting for you to want it!

1. Janet’s Favorite
2. Would You Like To Feel It?
3. Freedom
4. Your Senses
5. You Are In Control
6. You Are Free to Be
7. Create on the Fly
8. Relax and Let Go
8. Grounded


1. Janet’s Favorite

My favorite thing to do is stop, close my eyes, take a deep breath in, and feel.

It is like feeling the energy of life flooding into my body and mind. Pure warmth and love – if I take too many breaths it makes me lightheaded.

After decades of stress, and fear, and pain, and torment, I love that this opposite is now my base feeling and mindset. I can’t get enough of it!

You can do this anywhere and anytime – and then float away in pure sensation. It is truly amazing and the warmth stays and invigorates you as you go back to what you were doing. You will never feel like you have to escape your life to take a break or feel good again.


2. Would You Like To Feel It?

This podcast will take you through the steps to actually feel the sensations you will live every day after Greene’s Release.

This is what you will feel and live every day!

If you cannot feel it, don’t stress. You have become so accustomed to hiding your pain that feeling good has become restricted too. The feeling chapter will show you how to awaken to feel again – then you will be able to experience the surprise at the end of the podcast.

This story is available on mp3 should you wish to have a copy.


3. Freedom

The cause of your guilt, anger, resentment, blame, hurt, heartache, regret, worry, anxiety, fear, insecurity, sadness, and pain is gone! You don’t have to hide behind your weight, addictions, problems, restrictions, or difficult life circumstances anymore. It’s all gone and you are free to be, and to live, and to love.

When you think of your past, you will only be filled with happy memories – as the painful parts are healed and therefore have no reason to come to mind. When you think of those who hurt you, you will feel peace – knowing that they played a special role in your journey, and in doing so sacrificed much. When you think of those who have left, your heart will fill with love – as you remember the times you spent together and the love you shared – how special that you had this time with such an incredible being.

When you take a snapshot of your life, you will smile – seeing the wonderful fruits of your own creation. When you think of yourself, you will grin – as you know the truth and feel the love that truth conveys. When you think of the world and your place within it, you will feel a connection to all, and awe for this journey we all take together.

You are a new person, who has filled yourself with wonderful new beliefs to live your life by. Life is a brand new journey – to feel, and experience, and wonder at, and enjoy.


4. Your Senses

Without the distraction of constant mind chatter, your sensory awareness naturally heightens and you are free to notice and enjoy the little things – how the raindrops sound as they land on the roof, the wind whistling through the trees, the melody of the birds that come to say hello whenever you step outside your back door, the smell of a freshly baked pie and how it makes your mouth water, the laughter of your children, the warmth of a hug goodnight, chocolate ice cream as it melts on your tongue, relaxing in a comfortable chair, snuggling under the blankets and smiling as you float off to dreamland.

Everyday becomes a delightful sensory experience.


5. You Are In Control

Whenever you find yourself engaging in any situation that doesn’t feel good (ie. fighting with a spouse, getting sick, spending time with difficult people, losing your job), your awareness kicks in that you have full choice whether to participate or turn around and walk away from this drama – and you do so without any fear, guilt, regret or doubt.

You have no need to claim your rights – you know and live them; you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone – you know and love who you are; you no longer do things because you think you ‘have to‘ – you do things because ‘it feels right‘, and naturally do what is in your and your families best interests; you have no need to ‘punish yourself‘ or do things ‘the hard way‘ – you know that you deserve the best of everything and have no need to question that fact.

You are also fully aware that this situation provides the opportunity to finish a possibly unresolved issue – so you smile and plan when to release it, so it never occurs again.


6. You Are Free to Be

There is no way to describe how good it feels to just be yourself without any restriction – and to watch the spontaneity flow.

You can eat way too much chocolate cake, stay up late watching romantic movies, leave the dirty dishes until the morning, skip down the sidewalk, anything…

You can cry when you watch a chic flick, go outside and yell when you feel angry, and roll over laughing when you feel happy because your emotions are free to come and go without any restriction or holding on.

You don’t hear the constant internal reminders of the ‘right way to behave‘, ‘what to do‘, or ‘what to expect‘. There is no self-blame, self-condemnation, and self-judgment. It almost feels like the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders – you don’t need to care what anyone else thinks of you, limit yourself in any way, or even think that anything you feel like doing is wrong.

You’ll catch yourself grinning at your child like spontaneity, and the funny things that you do – but it feels so good!.

The cool part is that if you do catch yourself cringing at your automatic responses to situations, you can laugh and decide if it is how you do or do not wish to behave, and if not, chalk it up to experience, finish with it, and move on to become the person you wish to be.


7. Create on the Fly

When you have the thought “Oh I’d love some chocolate cake”, your husband or wife will walk in the door carrying it; when you wonder where your parking spot will be on this rainy afternoon, the car closest to the front door will pull out right in front of you; and when you call the hairdresser for a last minute ‘must have‘ appointment, they’ll happily tell you that someone just canceled.

It is the best fun to hear your spontaneous inspirations and watch them manifest before your eyes, as if by majik.

And when you feel your heart’s desires fill you with the excitement of realizing them, you’ll smile and listen for any obstacles that come up – happily resolve and dissolve them instantly – and live the dream.

The pieces of your life will all slot together to create the perfect one for you.


8. Relax and Let Go

You can finally relax – not having to always be on guard, keeping an eye on what’s happening, or consciously being in control of every aspect of your life. You never have to worry about finding solutions to any problem ever again!

You know the three parts of yourself intimately, the role each plays, and that you are safe and will always be taken care of – your beliefs are solid – and you trust this part of yourself to take care of everything.

Your conscious mind is now free to live its role as the experiencer and conductor of this journey. You are consciously directing your own life path, and instantly resolve any obstacle or issue by silencing your mind, feeling, and letting the answers come to you.


9. Grounded

And you understand the meaning of life – and smile as you look back on your journey – knowing that you would repeat every step again because they led you to discover and live their opposite.

Your conscious awareness has blended with your inner knowing, and you delight as each insight flows through so you may understand everything.

You know that you are not a puppet, under the control of karma or some universal force. You are the essence of life, come to experience the physical world – and you do so joyfully!