A New View of Life

a-new-view-of-lifeAre you happy with your life and where it’s heading? Are you always in catch-up mode from one life drama to the next? What if there was a way to view life and all that it encompasses differently?

Living as a human being brings with it some amazing mechanisms of forced learning. It’s a journey of self-discovery in which we take on beliefs of ourselves, the world around us, how we fit into it, and then perpetuate repeat situations to validate those beliefs.

Let me clarify:

  • A person believes they are a failure.
  • This experience is repeated in various situations throughout their life.
  • No matter what successes are achieved, the belief of failure is prominent, inevitably resulting in successes floundering.
  • A crisis point is reached which also affects other people, so this individual must find a solution.
  • They finally look into self, face their fear of failure, and a release is achieved. They can then see that they are not a failure and are a wonderful human being.
  • This person finds from deep within a new sense, feeling and belief of self.
  • This person is changed forever.

Core Beliefs

Each belief creates a drama, or play, to enable full experience of the belief. This is required for us to be pushed to look beyond the obvious, eventually reaching the goal of self-learning. We believe we are poor, and experience all manner of financial nightmares. We believe we are unloved or unlovable, and dismay when that is repeatedly mirrored back to us.

Every experience is so we have the opportunity to know and live its opposite!

You are living what you believe. If you don’t like what you are living, change what you believe about yourself and your life. It’s a simple concept, yet determination, perseverance, and work are required.

Life Plays

Life could be viewed as a series of plays. Each play has the purpose of forced inner learning where we teach ourselves some personal value of self. What if once we realize this, we turn it around? Instead of being dragged through life without any sense of input or control, we are able to stand back and remove ourselves from the emotions of the plays, to dictate our own rules of this game.

What if we then realize all those around us are living this same experience? We can stand in a crowded room and feel the enormity of this realization. We are surrounded in a world of people who are all undertaking the exact same journey as ourselves. Each one has their own beliefs, dramas, and plays. Each one feels no more in control than we do.

A Journey to Find True Self

What if we look at all the implications of this play and the part we play in perpetuating it? We can then come to know the journey of finding true self.

The emotions we experience during the plays are but one small part of ourselves, yet we allow them to rule our quality of life. Isn’t it time we search out and demand more for ourselves? Don’t we deserve that? Isn’t it time we become more constructive and purposeful with this life experience?