It Began With A Dream


I was born with a dream in my heart.
A dream of a special life.
A dream of peace, and love, and happiness.
I held tight the hope that one day I might know this dream.

One day I decided that I couldn’t keep pretending to be happy and
accept pain and sadness as the way of life.
There had to be more.

This one decision changed my life forever, because it began a journey
in search of peace of mind and a way to bring my dreams to life.

It not only led me inside to find peace within myself, but across the
world from Australia, to a new life in America, love, peace and happiness beyond imagination.

I now live the dream carried in my heart forever. And I smile.

I want YOU to know your dream.
I want YOU to find and live your dream, just as I have.
I want YOU to smile too!

Janet Greene