How Your Core Beliefs Shape Your Experience of Life & What You Can Do About Them


self-esteemWhat you believe is the crucial aspect that determines your physical experience of life.

Core beliefs are those things you just know and trust to be true – they serve as an internal ‘guide to life’ – telling you how to behave and react to the world.

Yet core beliefs were only meant to be temporary – to be used until we were mature enough to take charge of our own life.

The good news is that as when you release a core belief, a majikal Core Truth automatically comes to replace it. You will discover that core beliefs are not complicated at all, but instead simple, and extremely easy to access and rewrite.

“The realization that what you’ve been living and telling yourself all these years was based on a skewed perception of something that happened as a child, is a freeing moment. You have to wonder how you didn’t figure it out a long time ago.”

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Important Core Belief Principle 1


“No matter when you
developed your belief,
you still believe it.”

Albert Ellis
APA Convention 2000

Your core beliefs dictate the life you live:

  • Who you are
  • What you think of yourself
  • What you are and are not allowed to do and be
  • How to behave, react to people, experiences and the world
  • What to expect
  • Your success
  • What you can and cannot have

Because a child’s role is to learn how to live as a human being, we used all that we saw, heard and experienced to form a set of core beliefs about who and what we are, the world and our place in it.

These beliefs were not chosen, but instead reflect the conclusions that a child reached about their particular experiences from their limited perception.

Your core beliefs are neither dysfunctional nor skewed. They are valid conclusions that were reached by a child, from that child’s current perception of an experience at that time. It is, however, inappropriate and often dysfunctional to filter your entire adult experience according to the life rules of an 8 year old.


Important Core Belief Principle 2


“If you were able to
rewind your life and
watch it in slow motion
from its very beginning,
you would be able to see
the key times when
certain beliefs were
formed and you would
understand why you
developed those beliefs.”

therapy (CBT)

Children are egocentric; they do not possess the ability to understand that their family circumstances are not their fault.

Young children believe everything is their fault: abuse, neglect, financial difficulties, or even parent’s relationship problems. If there are any family issues, children believe it is their fault, and that they are bad or inferior in some way because of it.

Every family has problems, as there is no perfect parent. Therefore, all children develop mistaken core beliefs about themselves, the world and their place in it. “Mistaken core beliefs cause a multitude of psychological, emotional and relational issues.”

A practical example of this idea might be how you interpret and integrate an experience like the divorce of your parents. This event may lead you to conclude “it is my fault“, therefore create the belief “I am a bad person and do not deserve good things.” You may develop a tendency to punish yourself and sabotage your success without any idea that you are doing so.


Important Core Belief Principle 3


“I’ve never felt this ever
before, and I had
counseling for the abuse
and thought that was all
in order. I couldn’t believe
when I started to cry
because I really thought
I’d dealt with it. Now I feel
empty like something’s
missing inside me Yikes!
Wow, that is amazing!”

Greene’s Release Result

Naturally, the people who endure horrific life experiences (neglect, abuse, assault, death of a loved one, and natural disasters for example) formed harsh conclusions (core beliefs) to base their self concepts and life on.

These conclusions, along with the expected emotional responses and the shock of having had this experience are stored in the subconscious.

In effect, their entire perception of life is based on those tragic events.

The good news is that the release process addresses all components of this horrible experience –actually, these releases are the quickest and easiest to do.


Important Core Belief Principle 4


“I am astounded that I
came up with that!

I don’t think I could have
contemplated that I felt
guilty for their divorce.

I’ve been punishing
myself haven’t I?

I have accomplished
more this week than I
have in the last 2

Greene’s Release Result

You live what you believe. And that is where the confusion begins. “Do I believe that there is insufficient money because I am poor,” or “Am I poor because I believe there is insufficient money?”

And yet, my neighbor who believes “there is plenty of money” actually has plenty of money.

Which belief is the correct one? The answer is both…..

Every person lives the core beliefs that they formed as a child. It is impossible to live anything else as they are your rules of life – your truth.

If you believe that no-one can love you, it is impossible to be surrounded by people who love you. If you believe that you are a failure, it is impossible to be successful. If you believe the world is a scary place, then it is impossible for you to feel safe, no matter where you are.


Your core beliefs are not stagnant ideas that merely sit in your unconscious mind. They are active, and play an important role in your everyday thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions to people and events.

  • A person who believes that they are a failure (remember that this is an unconscious belief therefore beyond their awareness), constantly hears mind chatter to support this idea “you can’t do it right”, “you are hopeless”, “you aren’t good enough.”
  • They feel the emotional response whenever they hear this ‘so called truth.’ It would be very sad to think that you are a failure.
  • Their perceptions make them blind to success, and they miss opportunity after opportunity – all they can see is failure and hardship.
  • They play the role of a failure personality (without any idea that they are doing so) – expecting the worst, irresponsible with money, ignoring their finances and financial responsibility, business failure, engaging in self-defeating behaviors.

This person physically lives their core belief that they are a failure.


Important Core Belief Principle 5

“Oh My! They were
wrong! After beating
myself up for 30 years
I’ve just realized there is
nothing wrong with me
after all. I can’t stop

Greene’s Release Result

Core beliefs were only meant to be temporary – to be used until we were mature enough to decide what to believe for ourselves.

We cleverly set ourselves up to realize this. At some point everyone gets sick of living with the hardship their beliefs create (even thought they are unaware of this), and screams out “enough!”, and then begins the search for answers.

The good news is that as soon as you release a core belief with the Greene’s Release Technique, a Core Truth automatically comes to replace it.

  • When you release your belief that you are imperfect – you hear and just know the truth of how special you really are.
  • When you release your belief that you are a failure – you hear and just know the truth that anything you do will succeed.
  • When you release the belief that love hurts – you hear and just know the truth that love is the most amazing part of life.
  • When you release the belief that people always hurt you – your pain will vanish and you hear and just know that you are safe and loved.

This is Your Life to Live Your Way so it is your choice to live the ramifications of beliefs that make you happy or the ramifications of beliefs that make you miserable.


Important Core Belief Principle 6


There is an abundance of intellectual literature about life, the unconscious mind, core beliefs, and how to change them – from the perspective of our rational thinking mind.

  • It makes rational sense to investigate and identify your core beliefs.
  • It makes rational sense to watch for the interaction and impact that your core beliefs have.
  • It makes rational sense to decide to ‘let go’ of dysfunctional beliefs once they are identified.
  • It makes rational sense that thoughts and core beliefs are the same.
  • It makes rational sense to consciously ‘tell’ yourself to believe something different.

Yet core beliefs reside beyond our conscious awareness – in the unconscious mind. Our logical mind can only investigate and modify their symptoms, and not the actual core belief.

We have become very good at working with these symptoms to temporarily silence and repress their impact. People often think that ‘feeling better’ in the moment means that their core beliefs have been altered or released when this is not the case.


Important Core Belief Principle 7


“I’ve used the Sedona
Method and EFT, but
there is no comparison –
this is a whole new level.

I didn’t for one second
think that I still had such
immense pain in relation
to my dad.

Now all I feel is peace.
Total peace!”

Greene’s Release Result

Often, those who have worked to ‘release’ their emotional wounds and core beliefs, are surprised to discover that these emotions and beliefs (which have merely been tucked away and not released, as many techniques claim to do) are still creating havoc in their daily life and can resurface with the same level of strength and distress at any time.

There are 6 ways to confirm access to your unconscious mind, and successful modification of a core belief.

  • You spontaneously discover the feelings of the child you were at the time when the core belief was originally formed – from that child’s age perspective. It will seem unreasonable to your now adult perception.
  • The spontaneous information you are privy to is new information that you were completely unaware of – as it was previously hidden.
  • This new spontaneous information will clarify many things about yourself. You will feel compassion as you understand why you do the things you condemn yourself for doing – and understand yourself for the first time.
  • You will experience an epiphany as a new opposite core belief replaces the previously skewed one. You will view every experience differently, as if from a new person’s perspective.
  • When you think about the original incident, you will feel blank or empty – as if there is nothing to think about.
  • As the event has been neutralized, there is no longer anything to trigger an emotional response. You will never feel anything about this event ever again.


Important Core Belief Principle 8


The unconscious mind is nothing like we thought. And that has been the problem all along – thinking and rationalizing.

While the conscious mind thinks and rationalizes, the unconscious mind feels, which is the key to gaining access to our core beliefs, fears, memories and storehouse of emotions that create our everyday life experiences.

The difference between intellectualizing core beliefs and experiencing them first hand in the unconscious mind is like night and day. However, it cannot make rational sense until experienced.

Think of a scientist, spending day after day investigating the cells of a human brain under an electronic microscope. Carefully analyzing each minute neuron and glial cell.

Now remember the 1966 movie Fantastic Voyage, where a scientist was miniaturized and injected into a human body. He traveled through the heart and had to overcome the risk of being destroyed by the valves, was violently shaken when the lab technicians voices vibrated through the inner ear, and replenished his submarines oxygen supply directly from the alveoli of the lungs. What an amazing adventure!

“It just feels like there’s
nothing left in there. I just
feel quiet inside.”

Greene’s Release Result

The difference between rationalizing and experiencing core beliefs is just as dramatic as these two examples. Just as the scientist with the microscope cannot begin to comprehend or even imagine the miniaturized scientist’s experience unless he personally experienced it, you cannot comprehend the experience of walking into your unconscious mind until you experience it for yourself.

The Greene’s Release workbook materials speed up the process of changing core beliefs because they walk you through the steps to access your unconscious storehouse of beliefs, then heal and rewrite them, step-by-step. You will be amazed at just how easy it actually is.

Helping you become more consciously aware of your stored memories and core beliefs, and relieving the emotional charge allows you to view your life from an outside perspective – without the emotional triggers, you can ‘do the healing work’ calmly and easily.

You CAN do this. You CAN change any core belief. There is no reason for you to continually live with the pain and hardship that your beliefs create. All it takes is 30 minutes a day to heal and gain control over all aspects of your life.

If you’d like to experience the kind of dramatic, positive change the Greene’s Release materials can create in your life, take a look some workbook excerpts then order Heal Your Self: A Journey to Find You workbook today and take the first step to change your life.