How To Cope with Mother-in-Laws

Many people dislike their mother-in-laws before even meeting them. It’s as if there is a rule that mother-in-laws must be nasty and meddling women.

Let’s find another way to view this woman, so you can finally make peace with this misconception.


Do you love your spouse? Is he or she a very special person? And where did they come from? Who do you think played a major role in their personality, their characteristics that you admire so much, not to mention their lovability? Their mother of course!

Without your mother-in-law, your beloved partner would not exist. This amazing woman is responsible for you having love at all. Think about that for a while.

Perhaps you might smile kindly at your mother-in-law and give her a hug this Mother’s Day – and even thank her for the special gift she gave you: her child.

Mother-in-law Issues

Sometimes there is a real relationship issue with your mother-in-law. You might be seen as an intruder, invading her space with her child, not good enough for her child (often no-one is ever good enough), misunderstanding her good intentions that she’s not expressing clearly enough, to name a few.

The family dynamics of mother-in-laws is a very interesting one – all be it a challenging one.

The question is – do you want peace with this woman?

If you do then you can thank her for triggering a relationship topic, just so you have the opportunity to resolve some internal fear or belief that makes your life more difficult. You cannot know or resolve the issue by thinking about, or trying to figure it out in your mind. All you’ll do is spin yourself in circles.

To clarify, a difficult relationship with your mother-in-law is highlighting something within you – not feeling good enough, not being valued, being told what to do rather than respected for your opinions and choices, etc.

I know you want a quick fix, and I am sorry to say there isn’t one – that is lasting. If you want to improve your relationships, heal the cause of the issues these relationships are highlighting.

Our workbook Heal Your Self – A Journey to Find You takes you through the steps of not only resolving this issue with your mother-in-law, but also resolving the other relationship and life issues that make your life stressful.

You will be guided step-by-step through the process, with plenty of hands on practical activities to make each step easy.