Share The Gift of Love for Mother’s Day

mothers-day-noteWe meet many people along our journey of life, but so very few really touch us, or we allow them to. This article is about feeling how much we love the important people in our lives, and telling them just how much they mean to us.

First, go to a stationary store and select the most beautiful writing paper that makes you smile from the inside out. Imagine using it to write letters to your loved ones.

Set yourself up in a comfortable chair, with a drink, snack and tissues nearby. Think of one particular person who has touched your heart. Think about your relationship with this person, what they mean to you, and let yourself hear the story of this special connection.

Now, spend 10 minutes thinking and feeling the warmth in your chest as you open to feel the love for them. Then write this one person a very special letter. Let your feelings flow through your pen, allow the words to just come without thought or intent. Tell them how you feel, the special qualities you see in them, what they mean to you, and how they have enriched your life.

You will be filled with love after writing this first letter. Float around within it for a few days and enjoy the feeling. When you are ready, do it for another special person and then another and another who has touched your life, and enjoy each experience of writing love letters to those you love.

You could give these letters to your special ones if that feels right to do and makes you smile, or keep them for yourself in a treasured place as well as in your heart. This experience is about the act of feeling and floating in love, nothing more… Enjoy!

Writing a Letter on Mother’s Day

On the morning of Mother’s day, it’s time to feel and write a letter to your mom. Get very comfortable, take some quiet, deep breaths and relax as the worries of the world vanish. Now, think about your mother, and what she physically is; the person who conceived then carried your body within hers, to nourish and keep you safe until you were ready to join the world. What an amazing gift for one person to give another.

Think about the times she comforted you when you were upset, tucked you into bed with a goodnight hug and kiss, cooked your favorite meal, and baked her own special birthday cakes just for you.

Go beyond the relationship issues between you, to the love that is naturally shared between mother and child. Feel and float within that, and then let the words flow freely. Again, you don’t have to share your letter, as it is yours alone and does not require recognition to be valued. Only share it if you feel it’s appropriate.

If you are also a mother, take yourself back to when you carried your own children, remember how they kicked your belly, and snuggled into your arms when they were born. Remember their firsts – the first time they smiled at you, their first steps, their first day at school, then graduation, then the day they got married. Remember the joy of being a mother, and then let your words flow.

You will know if it feels right to share your letter, as it is your special memory and experience.