When You Are Apart on Mother’s Day

hug-motherThere is a special way you can feel and share love with your mother or children on Mother’s Day, even when you are unable to physically be together.

Practice the following for several weeks beforehand, so you will be able to share this special gift easily.

Plan 30 minutes uninterrupted time and lie in bed. Scrunch your pillow up just how you like it, spread the blankets out perfectly, and get as comfortable as you can. Now feel. Notice your head sinking into the pillow, your shoulders relaxing, and your arms going floppy. Feel your hips and legs floating on a cloud of comfort and your toes smiling. Feel your body relax as you slow down your breathing, and then slow it some more as you sink into relaxation. Notice your mind calming along with your body and notice and feel more comfortable than you ever knew you could.

Close your eyes and think of someone you love dearly. Feel your love sensation in your chest grow with each breath, as if you are breathing into love itself. Keep breathing and allowing your love to grow and fill your body to overflowing. Do this each day until it comes easily before adding the next step.

Now picture your love energy spreading outside your body in a line directly to and surrounding that person. Feel your love, then see your arms wrapping around them as your love flows. You are surrounding them with a love hug. Squeeze into your hug and enjoy it. As you do this, notice how you feel, physically and emotionally. Float within love for at least fifteen minutes.

When you are able to share a hug filled with love easily, you can then talk to your loved one online or by telephone, and tell them (but you do not have to) that you are sending them a hug filled with love. Let them know that they might feel warmth or physical touch as you do this, because they can actually feel it. If you can feel it, then they can (although they might not realize what it is).

On Mother’s Day, as soon as you wake up, awaken your love and share a hug filled with love with your mother (or child). Float in it, feel it, enjoy it.

Do this as often as you like.

You don’t have to be physically apart on Mother’s Day to share this hug filled with love. You can do it anytime, with anyone. So share it freely with your mother on this special day, whether she knows it or not.