Mother’s Day Emotions

man-motherWe all have childhood scars which often surface during family gatherings.

For some people, just the thought of seeing a particular person triggers them emotionally, making the lead-up to the day when they will be stuck in a room with that person an emotional roller-coaster. They will be more emotional on that day, and for many days after. What makes it even worse is they have to hide their emotions and behave normally to keep up appearances.

If you are ready to make the decision that enough is enough, and to end this emotional nightmare, this article will set you in the right direction (whether you are already working through Heal Your Self – A Journey to Find You) or not.

Releasing Unwanted Emotions

Firstly, the event that you are triggered into remembering may have involved bullying, making fun of, a deep hurt, or even abuse. All that matters is that you feel it and it makes you uncomfortable.

If you have already worked through the chapters of Heal Your Self – A Journey to Find You and know how to do the Greene’s Release Technique, you can do the releases now so Mother’s Day will be more pleasant for you.

All you need do is plan some private time, think of that person and let yourself feel and go into the release. There may be one or several related issues. There may be one or several related people.

Don’t expect to complete all your childhood issues prior to Mother’s Day, especially if it is only a few days away. But know that the most sensitive issues will come up first.

Then on Mother’s Day, notice any new triggers, and note them down with a smile, because now you have another one you can finish with forever! Thank them and tell them you plan to address this issue at a more convenient time will make them silence.

Why Emotional Issues Arise

If you don’t have the workbook, or aren’t up to the Greene’s Release Technique section yet – don’t worry. There are some things you can do to make this time easier for yourself.

What happens is, whenever we are in situations similar to the emotional wounds stored in our subconscious, we are triggered emotionally. These triggers are our mind’s way of highlighting the opportunity to finish with an issue.

Say your older brother was mean and beat you up when you were kids. The hurt you felt at that time is stored in your subconscious, waiting for you to be ready to finish with it. So whenever you even think about or have to spend time with your brother, the same emotional sensations come jumping up, to give you a lead that you can follow to permanently heal it.

When you know how to do the Greene’s Release Technique you take advantage of triggers as their lead is used to access the stored experience in your subconscious, understand it fully and permanently heal and release it. Then you will never feel it again.

Whether you are working with Greene’s Release or not, knowing this gives you the power to understand why you are triggered and feeling emotional, so you can step out of the emotion and its impact. It is up to you to then decide if you wish to do the work to permanently heal this issue.

If you do make the firm decision to heal this wound, then you can thank it for making itself known, and tell it that you will address this issue as soon as you know how to do the Greene’s Release technique. This will silence the trigger.

Buy a small notebook to carry around with you, then add an entry for every single trigger you feel leading up to and during Mother’s Day. You can note them down with a smile because now you have another one you can finish with forever!

When you are ready, plan some private time, come back to this list and feel which one wants to be dealt with today and go into the release. Keep doing this each time you are ready to do a release until the list is finished with.

The great news is that the list becomes your release trigger, so you don’t have to experience another incident (see your bully brother for example) to be triggered again. You don’t ever have to experience that again!

Now you can smile throughout holidays, knowing the issues that are being triggered will soon be finished with forever!