Step Mother’s Day

step-motherStepmothers get a bad rap, even though they are wonderful people.

Imagine coming into someone else’s family, and being forced to take the place of a dearly beloved mother. I can’t imagine how difficult that must be.

These women take on the role of mother to children who often resent their presence, with such courage and determination to be accepted.

Imagine walking into another person’s ready made family, and having to find your place among children who neither know nor naturally love you. Imagine how scary that would be.

Remember when you first met your stepmother – how you reacted and behaved. Remember the times she was there for you, even when you tried your hardest to push her away. And remember the times you behaved badly.

Now think of the courage and love she must have felt, to have stayed and become one of the main people in your life. Put yourself in her shoes, and appreciate how special she really is.

So this Stepmother’s Day, give an extra hug to your stepmother on this national celebration of step-moms who care. Let your appreciation grow into love, and take some deep breaths and let it grow and fill you to overflowing. Find a new respect and love for your stepmother.

When you see or speak to her on Mother’s Day, let her know that she is appreciated. Thank her for being there for you and part of your life.