Heal Your Self – A Journey to Find You Workbook Program to Change Your Life  Re-create your life! Whatever your life circumstances, Heal Your Self gives you unmatched results, guidance, and practical application to your life circumstances. Heal Your Self walks you through the process of changing every aspect of your life into its exactContinue reading

Heal Your Self: Table of Contents

  Introduction What I Believe Section 1 – Tools & Techniques • The Plan • Feeling • Energy • Help I’m Overwhelmed • Fear • Life Lessons • Time for some Fun – Meditation & Goal Planning Section 2 – Releasing • A personal Introduction to Greene’s Release • Summary – Greene’s Release • AContinue reading “Heal Your Self: Table of Contents”

Child Abuse Testimonials

Years of therapy and medication never made me feel this good 😉

Phobia Testimonials

Even thinking about spiders now makes me feel nothing. Janet sourced the root of my phobia and released that terrible emotion and misconception that has been following me around all my life. This is an amazing technique that goes way beyond hypnosis or NLP or anything else I’ve ever heard of.


The Greene’s Release technique is a self directed method that uses eeling to walk right into and communicate directly with your subconscious mind.


“This exercise is fantastic!
I never thought feeling the emotion and releasing it could work.
I can’t cry anymore. I tried to feel sad and I can’t anymore, it is gone!”

An excerpt from Heal Your Self – A Journey to Find YOU

Activity – Rating List Experiment Did you know that within your mind is a list, a very powerful one that rates all events on a scale from good to bad? Try this exercise and you’ll see what I mean. Think of 2 things you may do next week, one good and one bad. Perhaps sittingContinue reading “An excerpt from Heal Your Self – A Journey to Find YOU”

Its a simple technique that removes emotional wounds, PERMANENTLY!

We can actually choose anything that doesn’t feel good, and remove it and its impact on us and our lives!!!

But it gets even better. Just by listening, we discover where these painful emotions came from, why we took them on, how they have made us the person we are today, and much much more…