Are you Dreading Mother’s Day?

argumentYou already know how your Mother’s Day will turn out so you know what to expect – the uncomfortable moments, disappointments, conversations, criticisms, and the emotions that you’ll have.

All you have to do is think about Mother’s Day and your lifetime of Mother’s Day experiences instantly tell you the whole story of what to expect.

Would you like this year to be different?
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Celebrating Mother’s Day

mothers-day-flowersA wonderful way to celebrate Mother’s Day is to give her the day off. Do things to relax and pamper her while the rest of the family does the hard work!

You could start by surprising her with breakfast in bed. Quietly wake up the children, and let her sleep in while you prepare her favorite breakfast (remember to clean up the mess afterwards so she isn’t left with it).
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How Your Core Beliefs Shape Your Experience of Life & What You Can Do About Them


self-esteemWhat you believe is the crucial aspect that determines your physical experience of life.

Core beliefs are those things you just know and trust to be true – they serve as an internal ‘guide to life’ – telling you how to behave and react to the world.

Yet core beliefs were only meant to be temporary – to be used until we were mature enough to take charge of our own life.

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