Benefits of Greene’s Release


The benefits of Greene’s Release are widespread. You can transform any aspect of your life into its exact opposite, and discover how wonderful it is to live freely as yourself in this physical world – free of painful memories, fears and inhibitions – confident that you can do and be anything you desire.

But that’s not all…

The Greene’s Release workbooks are a fascinating experience. Finding a new perception of the inner workings of your mind is surprising, yet feels so natural and grounding. This backdrop facilitates the confidence to take charge of your emotions, resolve problems, and re-awaken your natural confidence.

Add the excitement that comes after releases when the truth is revealed via a magical epiphany – you realize there is nothing wrong with you after all – they were wrong, and you feel the truth of who and what you really are from deep inside.

And the calm, relaxed “living in the moment” state of mind that you learn to evoke at will. You can take a stress break from life at any time.

You will:

1. Take Charge of Your Emotions
2. Improve Your Problem Solving Ability
3. Increase your Confidence
4. Discover The Flip Side Of Life
5. Dissolve Your Fears
6. Improve Your Creativity
7. Final Thoughts


1. Take Charge Of Your Emotions

Do you long for emotional peace? If so, Greene’s Release allows you to take charge of your emotions in a controlled way – without having to modify, confront, accept, or repress them.

  • You can first use the Greene’s Emotional Release to release your overwhelming emotions – so you can feel more in control.
  • Then, once you learn the basics of Greene’s Release, including the full Greene’s Release Technique, you can neutralize the underlying cause of your emotional distress – when the cause is gone, there is nothing to trigger emotional distress.

While this may sound impossible, I assure you that it is not – as thousands of people around the world have discovered.

It is a truly wonderful experience to feel the roller coaster highs and lows balance and neutralize, as you feel a sense of calm and peace.


2. Improve Your Problem Solving Ability

Scientists, medical professionals, and even business leaders recognize the importance of Root Cause Analysis – finding and eliminating the base cause of problems, medical issues, or equipment malfunctions, which prevents the symptoms from returning.

If they only fix the symptoms – what is seen on the surface – the problem will almost certainly happen again – often with catastrophic ramifications.

  • Once you learn the basics of Greene’s Release, you can resolve the root cause of your everyday problems at will.
  • This is because by virtue of the process, the Greene’s Release Technique follows symptoms inside to their root cause, which is then released.

You don’t have to sit in the drama of problems, analyze, talk about, search for solutions, or learn how to cope with situations. All you have to do is get sick of it; decide that enough is enough, use the Greene’s Release Technique to resolve the underlying cause, and get back to your life.


3. Increase your Confidence

Imagine how different your life would be if you had more confidence?

Every step of the Greene’s Release materials re-awakens the natural confidence that you were born with – not by telling yourself to pretend to be confident – but by dissolving the reasons that your natural confidence was blocked.

The cool thing is that your confidence automatically re-awakens, gradually, without your having to focus or “work on it.” Actually, your friends, family and co-workers will notice it before you even realize the shift has occurred.


4. Discover The Flip Side Of Life

  • When you remove the cause of your stress with the Greene’s Release Technique
    – you automatically calm and relax as there is nothing to be stressed and upset about.


5. Dissolve Your Fears

You never have to “face your fears” again!

  • The Greene’s Release Technique allows you to completely and permanently dissolve fear with a single release.
  • If you’re afraid of public speaking, you can get rid of it and discover how much fun it is to be the center of attention.

How does it work? While your conscious (intellectual) mind thinks, your subconscious mind (where your fears are stored) feels – and that is the key.

When in the grounded, feeling space of Greene’s Release, you are able to open a direct communication channel with your subconscious mind, to locate and dissolve the underlying cause of your fear. From closed spaces to spiders, you can access and re-write your subconscious programming, without having to ever face your fears again.


6. Improve Your Creativity

Did you know that when you’re angry, upset, stressed, or consumed by negative thoughts, your body shuts down areas of the brain that are needed for creative thinking?

The Greene’s Release living-in-the-now at will mindset is naturally one of the most powerful ways to open the door to your creative juices.

  • Leonardo da Vinci once noted that the average person “looks without seeing, listens without hearing, touches without feeling, eats without tasting, moves without physical awareness, inhales without awareness of odor or fragrance, and talks without thinking.”
  • He advocated living-in-the-now to appreciate sensory delights as one of the secrets to inspiring creativity and happiness.

  • Entrepreneurs, elite athletes, artists and musicians also attribute their success and creativity to “getting out of your head” and focusing on this one moment – it is impossible to succeed when your mind is filled with self-doubting or fearful thoughts.

While it may seem like an impossible feat to silence your never ending thoughts at first, take the time to deliberately practice the skill of living in this one moment in time for just 5 minutes every day, then gradually increase the time as your skill builds.


7. Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many great benefits of Greene’s Release.

  • I’m most thankful for Greene’s Release because it showed me something very special about the nature of life, and the capability we each have to become the executive director of our own lives.
  • It is amazing to watch as the more you release, the more pieces fall into place, and you not only realize the part trauma and drama play in leading you to discover the meaning of life, but also in fulfilling your life purpose – living freely as yourself.

  • I love the freedom that Greene’s Release provides – to do and be and become the person that I’ve always dreamed of being, living the life that I’ve always dreamed of living – just by doing something that feels like the most natural thing in the world to do.

Once you’ve made the decision to “change your life” the pieces will all slot together as you follow the steps provided in the workbooks.