What People are Saying

The comments and results described here are typical of those achieved with Greene’s Release.


“I feel rejuvenated, and a sense of freedom. I can’t really explain. It’s a feeling. Nothing intellectual.” Kerrie


“Janet, you are very precious, as you have shown me the possibilities of seeing I am too.” Louise


“It felt really strange at first, but Janet showed me how to go inside and find the guilt I had stored, then pick it up and remove it. I find it amazing how accessing this guilt, told me the stories about it that I wasn’t aware of, and how it had impacted on and prevented many things in my life for 20 years, completely without my awareness.

After doing Greene’s Release things have certainly changed. All the guilt I felt, all the anguish of what could have been, and what I could have done to make life more comfortable for her is gone.

What I now carry with me is love. My mom will always be in my heart, and I now remember the great times we spent together, while beforehand it was hard to think of anything besides the broken promises, and the pain.” Julian


“Oh My! They were wrong! After beating myself up for 30 years I’ve just realized there is nothing wrong with me after all. I can’t stop smiling.” Frank


“A wonderful concept! We have been created with much potential, most of us don’t even realize. If we truly believe, and put some efforts behind that faith, we would be amazed at what could be accomplished.” Richard


“It goes way back. Childhood sexual abuse, and as adult, anger for not being able to express my emotions verbally, I’m shut down. Angry 4 decisions I made that I feel I should have known better, angry cause I’m physically dependent on people.”

Laughing, finished, she felt the sadness, and was relieved and we replaced with love and she smiled when I hugged her. I’m feeling pretty good actually, like a whole lot of stuff has lifted its great, thank you. Thanks 4 your time, was very interesting, and effective. Wow. It’s interesting to watch what happens as you go into the emotion, its good, its not confronting, its gentle and you’re guidance is great. Thank you.” Cloe


“This is a Phenomenal Book! Are you ready to remove, once and for all, the things that have held you in limitation? Then get this book!” Jacqueline


“Mother told ME I was useless, lazy, she wished I’d never been born, and was always criticizing me. She taught me that I was good for nothing and that no man would ever want me. After all… she didn’t. She’s supposed to love me! There’s nothing I can do to make her love me… no matter how I tried and tried and tried… it never worked.”

What do you feel now?

“Let me see, a little voice just said love, like a desire to be loved, that just maybe I am lovable, that I have to be brave to be lovable, the love for me is very small but is there, but it wants to grow, it’s like a little child, it’s sort of like a fresh start, we’ll try again, this love won’t be taken away, it really wants to love me.” Shirley


“I PREDICT A BEST SELLER !!! Smooth flowing, clear verbiage (no “High Fallutin” technical jargon), ERGO, easily understandable laymen’s terms – MILLIONS of down-to-earth, every-day people will find SELF-HELP here!!! BRAVO!” Tom


”I’m not a person to “refuse to see” myself…but I must admit the desire to brutalize him is uncanny”

“Now I’m still in front of the mirror…but he is gone from my image. I feel empty. Vacuum…..empty space…good space of now-ness… I am ready as anybody can be. I feel as one with the inner…child. Thank you” Mick


“Thank you Janet, from all of us who will read your books.” Fiona


“All my life, I have been abused. I was trained to allow abuse, so I did. Now I understand it isn’t good. I KNOW I don’t want it. I think it is gone, feels empty, almost like I vomited up three days worth of food. I really think I got it, breath moves easy now.”

What do you feel now?

“Nothing , it happened *shrug* It wasn’t right, but it is over. Yes and my body feels better thank you. That was miraculous! What is that called? It is amazing. It is most amazing. You actually did something kind of boggling. You see, I have never had clear memories of it Until tonight.” Sue

Note: To have a woman who was feeling such inner despair and pain of sexual abuse, do the release and then when asked “what do you feel now?” afterwards reply, “Well it happened, I think it was wrong, but that’s it, I feel nothing just blank” is purely amazing!


“Janet Greene is the finest new author of this decade. The powerful ideas and concepts written in these books speaks directly to the human spirit. Janet’s words open your heart and mind, unlocking feelings of a distant knowing, one that we seem to have disconnected from, that once open, allow us to create and live the life that may now seem a distant dream. How often do we wish for prosperity, health, love and fulfilling relationships in our lives? Only to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Janet starts of by telling us “you can have whatever you wish in life!” and then actually tells us how to do it! And it works! This is a book for all of us, a first of its kind. Order this book, make it your own, and believe in its possibilities, I know I did!” Julian