What is Mother’s Day?

mothers-day-1A Celebration in honor of your Mother

Mother’s Day is a special day for each family to honor the foundation of their home, their mother.

It provides the opportunity to ponder and perhaps finally make peace with this relationship, honor your mother, spoil her with breakfast in bed, let her know how much she is appreciated, and to shower her with lots of hugs and “I Love You’s.”

This page is filled with ideas to make this Mother’s Day the most special one ever. I have included the story of Mother’s Day, very interesting presidential speeches, relationship and healing articles, and links to activities and pictures for the children to color.
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Mother’s Day Emotions

man-motherWe all have childhood scars which often surface during family gatherings.

For some people, just the thought of seeing a particular person triggers them emotionally, making the lead-up to the day when they will be stuck in a room with that person an emotional roller-coaster. They will be more emotional on that day, and for many days after. What makes it even worse is they have to hide their emotions and behave normally to keep up appearances.
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Are you Dreading Mother’s Day?

argumentYou already know how your Mother’s Day will turn out so you know what to expect – the uncomfortable moments, disappointments, conversations, criticisms, and the emotions that you’ll have.

All you have to do is think about Mother’s Day and your lifetime of Mother’s Day experiences instantly tell you the whole story of what to expect.

Would you like this year to be different?
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