Decide to Change Your Life

decide1All it takes is one decision to transform your life. That is the key!

We make decisions every day about what we do and don’t want. Then we change our mind the next day or don’t follow up. But there is another kind of decision that shakes the core of our being. I am talking about spontaneous decisions.

Have you ever woken up and heard a decision come to mind out of the blue?

I am going to get a new job.
I am going to move out of my parent’s house.
I am going to find my perfect home to buy.
I am going to become a doctor.

And then you simply do whatever is needed to fulfill it. You work hard at your study, you train for your new profession, you get a job to pay your rent. Your determination is unwavering.

These decisions are spontaneous statements of intent. They are conclusions of what has to become your reality. No questions; no doubts. They are what you have decided has to be.

Are you ready to change your life? Are you ready to reach your spontaneous decision that enough is enough? Are you ready to claim the exact opposite life?

Our podcast All it Takes is a Decision will help you reach your spontaneous decision to change your life.