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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Greene’s Release

Who created Greene’s Release?

Greene’s Release was created by Janet Greene in 1999 after making the firm decision to refuse to continue living a life of pain and hardship. She led herself inside to access then heal and release the core subconscious beliefs and stored emotions which had sabotaged her life. Janet now lives the dream with her Buddy SoulMate Marc, in sunny Florida.

How Does It Work?

The Greene’s Release materials are available in several workbooks Heal Your Self – A Journey to Find You, Heal Your Heart – A Journey to Find Your SoulMate, and Heal Your Pain – Releasing the Emotions of Grief and Loss. Our new weight loss and mental health workbooks will be available in 2012.

The workbooks first teach you how to step out of your intellect and ground into the “now moment” at will by doing everyday things to wake-up and stimulate your senses. You’ll:

  • Think and feel clearly
  • Silence internal dialogue
  • Dissolve negative expectations
  • Live in the moment
  • Release overwhelming emotions on the spot
  • Open your mind to a new perspective of life

Then the workbooks teach you how to use this power to dissolve “the underlying cause” of your problems with the Greene’s Release Technique.

Finally they guide you to apply these skills to resolve specific life issues.

Isn’t Personal Development Hard Work?

There are many wonderful theories and concepts out there in the personal development world, but they don’t show people how to apply them, which is why personal development work seem so hard.

One of the first things you learn in the Greene’s Release Program is Intuitive Reading which allows you to apply everything you read to you and your life.

The Greene’s Release materials make Personal Development work easy and fun!

How Do I Know If It Will Work For Me?

Do you want to change your life? Are you ready to stop living a life of drama and distress? Have you made the decision that things just have to change?

The biggest hurdle and hardest part is motivation and commitment which naturally comes after you make the decision to do the work. It’s interesting that we work hard to organize our homes and finances, or undertake study, yet struggle with the desire to do anything to organize our lives. This is your life we are talking about, so it really is up to you to want to take charge of it. We have several articles to help motivate and inspire the decision to begin this work.

If you commit to just 30 minutes a day for a month, then do no more than follow the chapter instructions, you will be amazed at the changes in you and your life circumstances. Then you will automatically motivate yourself without having to think about it.

Remember to write about your life circumstances in detail before starting so you can go back and smile as you see how much you and your life have actually changed.

How Can Greene’s Release Help Me?

  • The Greene’s Release materials can help any person who wishes to permanently free themselves of any painful emotion, fear, memory, self-belief, or uncomfortable thought or feeling, so they can experience a life without restrictions.
  • The Greene’s Release materials open the door for people to completely transform their lives and realize their dreams.
  • The Greene’s Release materials allow anyone to experience in-depth metaphysical concepts first hand so they can reach true enlightenment.

Is The Program Expensive?

Unlike other methods and programs which often cost $200-$1,000, the Greene’s Release materials have been published in all inclusive workbooks that sell for less than $20, making these revolutionary materials available to everyone.

If you’d like some help, Greene’s Release Sessions allow you to completely finish with topics on the spot, you can achieve what you haven’t been able to in 2 months, 2 years or even 20 years with conventional methods – for a fraction of the time and cost.

What Do I Need?

All you need is a comfortable chair, an open mind, willingness to experience new things and listen to your own answers that come from within.

Why Haven’t I Heard Of Greene’s Release?

Until now, the only way to find out about these materials was to know someone who has learned the techniques directly from Janet Greene. Greene’s Release has now been published in Heal Your Self – A Journey to Find You and Heal Your Heart – A Journey to Find Your SoulMate so more people are hearing about it via the internet and Amazon.com. Perhaps you are hearing about it now because you are ready to.

How Quickly Will I See Results?

Results are instant and all encompassing. This is how people often feel by the time they complete the very first chapter.

It is empowering to realize by doing these exercises I am holding my life in my hands. I have the power to live my life as I would like, as I decide to create it. It is entirely up to me. The plan is all in my hands, to create, shape and mold as I will delight in doing. It is entirely freeing to realize I am not dependent on others for happiness or a feeling of fulfillment. I create everything within me that shows up in my life, by MY design.

Each time you use the Greene’s Release technique you will feel a deep sense of calm and relaxation as the issue completely vanishes. Then when you hear a life changing epiphany (the truth about yourself) you will smile and feel a new sense of excitement about life. Every release changes a person instantly and permanently.

Will The Releasing Technique Make Me Emotionally Tired?

Releasing tends to make people emotionally invigorated, rather than tired. This is because a topic that has caused years of emotional pain is finally finished with, and you feel totally different about yourself now.

How is Greene’s Release different from affirmations, positive thinking, or therapy?

While affirmations, positive thinking and therapy may all work to temporarily silence emotional discomfort, Greene’s Release is a technique that allows you to access and permanently remove the core reason FOR your emotional discomfort.

Also, while most methods focus on the analytical reasoning mind by asking questions, debating, or trying to figure out the answer (therapy), the Greene’s Release technique allows the answer to naturally come to you rather than you have to worry and stress about finding it.

There is no longer a need to think about your problems or issues, stir up your emotions and worry that you have to do something to fix it because all you need do is apply the Greene’s Release Technique and feel, then the answers will come directly to you.

You never have to fill your mind with worry and fear again!