Are You Ready?

dreamsIn this page:

1. Are you ready to feel alive?
2. Are you ready to wake up?
3. Are you ready to heal the past?
4. Are you ready to resolve your problems?
5. Are you ready to live the dream?


1. Are You Ready to feel Alive

people00What is the life you created for yourself today?

Did you stop and feel the joy of life today, or were you too busy worrying about your problems to even think of it? Did you smile today, or was being happy the last thing on your mind? Did you take a deep breath and feel the energy of life surge through your body, or is your body too uptight and stressed to feel anything?

There is a magical world right in front of you that you don’t even know exists.

You don’t have to escape your physical life to feel good. Happiness and joy is not out there in the ethers. It is here – right now – in your physical world – just waiting for you to want to live it.

And I hear your comments…“Get real”, “That is fantasy land”, “All that personal development stuff is too hard”, “I can’t change my life”, “Life has too many problems to go off floating in lala land”, “I have to sort out my problems”, “I am too stressed to feel anything good.”

It is up to you to decide if you prefer to
feel like this for the rest of your life, or
come see what the flip side of life is like.

But I’ll tell you one thing. Here on the flip side – life is an adventure – a delicious experience to embrace and feel. Just thinking about it fills me with a warm smile from the inside out.

Of course you have to do something to get to the flip side, but it is as simple as taking the time to stop, breathe and feel – it’s about seeing life in a new way.

Of course we have problems, but we don’t need to make them the focus of our life – if we don’t like something all we have to do is release and finish with it, and get back to the fun stuff.

Of course we have painful memories from the past, but there is no need to hold onto and carry them around like a badge of honor – thirty minutes is all it takes to permanently finish with, remove each one, and set yourself free forever!


2. Are You Ready to Wake Up

Are you ready to stop running on automatic yet?

Did you even know that you are?

Find out for yourself – it’s easy.

Spend one single day being aware of what you think, feel and do.

  • How many things do you do without a single thought?
  • How many things do you do because you think you have to or are supposed to?
  • How much time do you spend living your life vs going through the motions?
  • Do you feel and enjoy your daily activities?
  • Do you feel a warmth in your chest – or nothing at all?
  • Do you feel love?

We become so focused on our problems, that we forget how to live! It really is that simple.

When You Wake Up…

  • you will take a breath at anytime and feel a delicious warmth begin in your chest and then flow through your entire being – and you will smile.

When You Wake Up…

  • you will be able to think clearly – beyond the control of your fears and worries because you have access to your calm, inner knowing.

When You Wake Up…

  • you will live consciously – coming out of the fog and “helpless” view of life. You will be completely aware that you’re in control of what you want, and what you have to do to get there. And then you’ll just do it!

When You Wake Up…

  • you will feel and experience every ‘now’ moment fully and completely – feeling the giggle from deep inside as you experience the non-physical in the physical.

When You Wake Up…

  • you will live on the fly – watching and delighting as the inspirations you hear from inside manifest immediately.


3. Are You Ready to Heal the Past


You’ve lived through some very uncomfortable experiences in your life. But do you really want to keep reliving them over, and over, and over again?

Did you even know that you are doing that?

And that you don’t actually have to?

The basic principal is simple. You endured an unpleasant event that naturally shocked and scared you so much that you stored this memory and emotion in your unconscious mind. It became part of your reference material to live your life by – affecting how you feel, think, act and everything else you do.

And as you know, your past experiences are certainly doing a good job of affecting your life today.
The good news is that the Greene’s Release Technique lets you walk right into your unconscious mind to pick up the emotion and the memories of unpleasant events – and remove them, literally. Just like you would pick up an orange from the fruit bowl.

The results are instantaneous. They are permanent. And they are life changing. For anyone who has known the impact of childhood trauma, there aren’t words to describe how good this feels.


4. Are You Ready to Resolve your Problems

confident-man00Have you had enough of the 3rd Stage of Life yet? It’s very dramatic isn’t it?

It really is as if we are involved in a play, where the characters are experiencing the full repercussions of their life rules and past events.

One of the components of the 3rd Stage of Life is to analyze and think about the experiences. This is why you constantly feel the need to try to make sense of your problems, attempt to understand what is happening, and figure it all out so it makes logical sense in your rational mind. But doing this complicates everything, and compounds the drama, stress and emotions. The act of experiencing the 3rd Stage of Life is about drama.

When we finally scream out “Enough, I don’t want to live this nightmare any longer!” we are ready to move into the 4th Stage of Life.

The good news is that moving from the 3rd Stage of Life into the 4th Stage of Life so you can resolve your problems is much less complicated than ‘thinking about’ or ‘discussing’ them. There is no drama or need to investigate and understand your emotions or problems. The answers come to you naturally and are permanently resolved with the Greene’s Release Technique.

The 4th Stage of Life is a whole new way to live and view life!


5. Are You Ready to Live the Dream

If you could live your ultimate dream, wouldn’t it be the exact opposite of what you now live?

Well, guess what? Every issue you release with the Greene’s Release Technique is automatically replaced with its exact opposite.


When you remove the cause of your pain,
all that is left is happiness.

When you erase the cause of your heartache,
all that is left is love.

When you eliminate your negative beliefs,
all that is left is love of self.

When you release your emotional trauma,
all that is left is peace.

You actually create your dream life piece by piece, as you fix your life issues. You don’t need to sit there hoping and wishing for good things to happen – they will happen automatically. And as you wake up, you will be privy to your inner dreams and heart songs so you can use a special Dreamtime activity to plan and bring them to life.

Take a peak into your future dream life right now:

  • Write down four issues, then write what the perfect outcome would be. (Forget about all obstacles, as they can easily be resolved.)
  • Close your eyes and picture yourself living this perfect outcome – can you feel the warmth in your chest, and yourself smiling from the inside out?
  • Take a couple of deep breaths and relax as you enjoy floating in this dream life.

This is the life that waits for you to want it!