Tools and Techniques

toolstechniquesIn this page:

1. Release Technique
2. Emotional Releasing
3. Meditation
4. Intuitive Reading
5. Live Consciously
6. Ratings List
7. Mind Chatter

1. Release Technique

man90It only takes one release to feel empowered – you are now in charge of your own life.

You’re no longer stuck in the drama and worry, of trying to understand and figure out the answers to problems and painful emotions – you know how to follow any uncomfortable feeling to its source, and finish with it forever.

You understand and feel compassion for yourself, perhaps for the first time ever. As you follow the feeling, you instantly know everything about the initial event – how you felt, what you were thinking, conclusions and their impact on your life ever since. You can stop beating yourself up and end the self-blame for strange behaviors because now you understand why.

As the last of the emotion is released, a sense of peaceful calm comes to replace it. Many people are surprised to feel “blank or empty” when they think about the topic of the release. The emotion is gone – even for abuse victims.

Then you hear a wondrous epiphany as your inner truth reveals itself. You feel and know how special you are from the deepest part of you, that there is nothing wrong with you, that it wasn’t your fault, that you are safe etc., and you feel love – the deepest and most beautiful sensation you have ever known.

And everything changes…

You are a new person instantly. Your thoughts, and behaviors, and circumstances automatically change to match your new belief and knowing.

Get the Greene’s Release Technique here:

I told my 12 year old that I was starting Greene’s Release and he said “But you won’t be my mom if you’re not angry all the time.” That’s when I knew I had to do something! I am so glad that I did! Everything has changed. My life, my relationship with my son. I am happy at last.


2. Emotional Releasing

closed-eyesWe all have times when our emotions become so overwhelming that they take over. We can’t think, or focus, or even act with a clear mind.

Learning how to release emotions before addressing their cause shifts the balance, so you feel more in control and calm.

Releasing emotions involves a simplified version of the Greene’s Release Technique – you release the actual emotion without needing to address its cause.

You will:

  • Release overwhelming emotions at will
  • Empty your storage bin of repressed emotions
  • Let yourself experience uncomfortable feelings without being scared
  • Remove yourself from the emotional impact of situations
  • Help yourself feel better

Get the Greene’s Emotional Release here:

Before I was so emotional all the time, I’d cry at the drop of a hat
and couldn’t think clearly.
Wow! Now I feel calm, no emotion at all!


3. Meditation

meditate11Greene’s Meditation makes it possible to completely silence all mind chatter and thought, then experience the euphoria of flying freely, without mind constraints.

The ideal of meditation is to quiet the mind and body to reconnect with your inner self and the knowing that flows from this part of you. The problem is that too often people who are unable to reach this state think there is something wrong with them.

Janet Greene developed her own form of meditation quite by accident, but it isn’t nearly as complicated as traditional meditation (which she couldn’t do), and comes with some great benefits.

More like a relaxation technique, Greene’s Meditation allows you to disengage from your busy life, unsettling emotions and self talk, and quiet your mind so you float freely.

It is a way of standing back and watching thoughts as they come through the mind, but by reacting to them differently something unexpected happens, and we feel like our mind opens and we fly.

It is a wonderfully freeing experience!

From this incredibly freeing space of being totally open to our inner self we can discover what we truly desire. We can actually watch dream movies while awake! But not just any movie, only the most special ones that are filled with our own deepest loves and longings which we often are not aware of.

The impact of these two activities is a deep rejuvenating relaxation and a lightness of everyday thought, as though the dream movies are invading our living time. Then as if by magic, they manifest.

Get the Greene’s Meditation here:

It is empowering to realize by doing these exercises I am holding my life in my hands. I have the power to live my life as I would like, as I decide to create it. It is entirely up to me. The plan is all in my hands, to create, shape and mold as I will delight in doing. It is entirely freeing to realize I am not dependent on others for happiness or a feeling of fulfillment. I create everything within me that shows up in my life, by MY design.


4. Intuitive Reading

smile000Intuitive Reading teaches you how to bring the written word into your own world of physical experience – so you can apply and assimilate the groundbreaking ideas and concepts to you and your specific circumstances.

How many times have you read a book and struggled to apply its concepts? You may have thought to yourself how easy the author made it sound, leaving you with a feeling of disappointment and failure. This is because you didn’t “experience” the concepts.

The first chapter our workbooks teach Intuitive Reading which allows you to physically apply everything you read to yourself and your current circumstances.

You will learn how to read new ideas, then go into the world and test them out to create your own concepts. Your thinking will be stimulated; ideas will be related back to your own similar experiences, you will learn how to allow yourself to feel many triggered emotions and feelings, then read discussions of their meaning and how to work with them.

This new awareness will overflow into your life, encouraging continual growth and learning, not only while you read. You will question your old belief system because these books will certainly challenge them and stimulate your coming up with answers that make sense to you.

As you work through our workbooks, you will grow and mature in ways that you didn’t realize were possible. This is made possible by showing you how to turn each book into your own journey via the use of intuitive reading.

We each are undertaking a very special experience of self learning and growth. While Janet Greene may have discovered some of the answers you seek, they are hers, from her perspective and will have little relevance to you unless transferred into your world of experience and understanding. Therefore, she does not write of mere answers. She teaches the tools for you to find your own answers about you and your life circumstances.


5. Conscious Living

consciousConscious living is about coming out of the fog and “helpless” view of life to be completely aware that you are in control of what you want, where you are headed, and what you have to do to get there.

But do we have the power to actually control our life events?

Yes we do!

There is no study of metaphysics necessary to reach this level of conscious living, as it naturally develops while you experience and apply the Greene’s Release materials directly to your own life circumstances – and form your own knowing.

As each piece of knowing slots together, you will be able to freely step back and view life and all it encompasses from the bigger picture. You will know and experience your own nature of reality, where you have come from, what comprises your life force, and the meaning of your life. You will naturally bring that knowing right back into your physical everyday reality, as you live the spiritual in the physical.

Living consciously is living on the fly!


6. Ratings List

ratingslist00Did you know there is a list within your mind that rates events on a scale from good to bad?

Did you know that you can actually experience this ratings list and feel the negative impact it has on your physical life?

Did you know that you have the power to not only decide to remove it, but actually remove it and free yourself to experience everything in the moment?

Can you imagine how different your life might be without the control of this list?

Try it for yourself:

  • Think of two things you could do next week such as sitting in the sunshine and going to the dentist.
  • Stop for a moment and think about each one.
  • Notice your automatic reaction. The thought of the dentist visit may cause you to shake, while the other relaxes you.

A thought created this reaction because of the rating list.

We humans forget to keep the act of feeling within the moment we experience it. No wonder we don’t feel; no wonder we’ve forgotten how.

Why experience anything if our minds have already thought of, experienced, and evaluated it? How could we have any concept of what feeling is?

By scrapping this rating list and discovering what it is to feel, a whole new world of wonder opens up to us.

Now of course this was just a brief summary of the first step. If you do no more than complete all the steps (that are just as easy) from the Ratings List section in the Feeling chapter, your life will be transformed – because you physically experienced it.

You’ll see how this list has inhibited your ability to feel and experience activities first hand, determines the outcome of experiences, understand its misguided purpose, spend a few days shutting it down, and discover a whole new world of experience as everything you do feels new and exciting.

Imagine being able to visit the dentist without having a melt down, and walking out with a smile because it wasn’t the usual trauma. Imagine the impact of approaching events with a sense of wonder instead of dread. Imagine actually enjoying family holidays dinners because your mind isn’t filled with expectations – which always come true.

It is empowering to realize by doing these exercises I am holding my life in my hands. I have the power to live my life as I would like, as I decide to create it. It is entirely up to me. The plan is all in my hands, to create, shape and mold as I will delight in doing. It is entirely freeing to realize I am not dependent on others for happiness or a feeling of fulfillment. I create everything within me that shows up in my life, by MY design.