Private Coaching – Life Issues

angerWe use all-inclusive packages (rather than individual sessions) to ensure your progression through a series of specific steps which enable you to completely and permanently resolve your issues.

Then you can go on to live the life of your dreams.

In this page:

1. About Private Coaching
2. Coaching Packages Include
3. Traumatic Event Package
4. Life Issue Package
5. Coaching Application


2. Coaching Packages Include

  • An introduction where your specific needs are discussed
  • Documentation of your starting and ending points which includes a diary of all activities and outcomes
  • An assessment to establish your ability to open emotionally
  • Exercises if required
  • However many release sessions you require to heal your chosen issue
  • Debrief
  • Future planning


4. Life Issue Package

This service involves a series of individual release sessions, over several weeks, to enable you to address a variety of issues within a particular life theme.

In just a few short weeks you can achieve what you haven’t been able to in 2 months, 2 years or even 20 years with conventional methods.

It is perfect for anger relief, grief, overwhelming emotions, self esteem or self worth, relationship problems, and even self sabotage tendencies.

Life Issue Packages $3,000

I am astounded that I came up with that! I don’t think I could have contemplated that I felt guilty for their divorce.
I’ve been punishing myself haven’t I?


Self Sabotage


Are you tired of setting yourself up for failure?

Whether you know that you are doing it or not, self sabotage is nauseatingly frustrating. You know what you want, but then watch yourself do these stupid things without having any control over your own actions. Then spend the next week berating yourself.

Self sabotage is a viscous cycle

Underlying reasons for self sabotaging behaviors

Any life situation that goes against what you believe you can or should have has the potential to trigger self sabotaging behaviors including:

  • You may sabotage your weight loss success (by eating chocolate) because deep down inside, you are scared of injuring yourself.
  • You may sabotage a good relationship (by breaking up) because deep down inside, you don’t believe that anyone could love you.
  • You may sabotage work success (getting fired because you arrive late all the time) because deep down inside, you believe that you are a failure.
  • You may sabotage your financial success (gambling) because deep down inside, you don’t believe that you deserve good things.
  • Your behaviors may be the means to a self fulfilling prophecy (your mother said you’d never amount to anything), and deep down inside you believe her.

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Relationship Issues

Relationship issues are bad for your health.

They cause more stress and dis-ease than other issues because your stress response is re-triggered strongly every single day, which damages your body.


You have to resolve relationship issues for your own welfare!

Underlying reasons for relationship conflicts

You are the sum of your past experiences. Your life is the sum of your past experiences. What else could it be? Your relationships reflect your views of yourself and of the world which causes conflict within you and the relationship.

  • Your partner may be reflecting what you don’t like about yourself – to give you the opportunity to shed this negative belief and fall in love with who you are.
  • You bring all your past relationship experiences into this one – to give you the opportunity to finish with them and be free to live love.

  • For example; if you had a painful relationship or marriage breakup, you naturally concluded (creating the core belief) that men or women cannot be trusted, that you don’t deserve love, that you aren’t loveable, that love hurts, and many more. Living that belief in this relationship causes conflict.

  • You bring your past experiences into every relationship. Therefore if you hold the belief that people don’t respect you, your partner probably won’t respect you, making you angry – to give you the opportunity to release and replace this belief with its exact opposite.

  • Being close may trigger memories of abuse, making you nervous and perhaps your partner frustrated – to give you the opportunity to overcome this abuse.

  • For example; if you were abused, you naturally concluded (creating the core belief) that the world is unsafe and a scary place, that men, women, or adults in general could not be trusted, that you were the only one you could trust and depend on, and many more. Living that belief in this relationship causes conflict.

  • You may be with the wrong person because you don’t believe you deserve better – to give you the opportunity to release and replace this belief with one where you know that you deserve then world.

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Self Esteem & Self Worth


Are you tired of hating yourself?

Being self-conscious and listening to negative self talk all day long, day in and day out is not only draining, but prevents you from having any quality of life.

You just feel so bad about yourself – it is sad.

These feelings give you the opportunity to discover something exceptionally special about yourself!

Let me explain. Because a child’s role is to learn how to live as a human being, we used all that we saw, heard and experienced to create a belief system about who and what we are, the world and our place in it. These rules of life were a necessary survival mechanism.

Children use every opportunity to draw conclusions about life, so if a tired mother ignores or snaps at her child repeatedly for example, this child may conclude that “mummy doesn’t love me”, “I’m not good enough”, or “I am a bad person”, and store that as a belief to live their life by.

Our role as children was to believe everything that was said to us.

We just forgot one important thing. These beliefs were only meant to be temporary, to keep us safe until we were old enough to create our own belief system.

Today you live these beliefs. Every single negative thing you think of yourself reflects what someone else taught you to believe, therefore are someone else’s viewpoint, and NOT your own!

You are ready to shed ‘their’ beliefs and discover the truth!

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Overwhelming Emotions

Are you ready to feel happy and calm?

Many people are living with emotional overload.

They are full of past hurts and don’t have any room left for more – to the point that any new problem, however small, can push them over the limit and cause them to explode emotionally.

This emotional roller coaster ride takes them up to great heights and down to the depth of despair in an instant. It can be exhausting experience – and we live it 24/7.

Our emotional storage bin is filled with the hurt of every bad life experience, painful memory, reaction, feeling, thought, pressure, relationship, fear, guilt and worry we ever had.

The pain you feel today is a combination of ALL the times you have had this particular emotional experience – not just this one time event. Your stockpiled emotions are ready and waiting to surface and compound with the next one that occurs during a repeated or similar situation.

The emotion you feel today is not just from this one incident, but rather a compound of all the times you have had this same experience.

That is why it is so overwhelming!

However, it’s not the emotions that are the problem. They are merely a spontaneous response to life – telling you how you really feel about something. Your overwhelming emotions are trying to highlight something that is bothering you. Something that needs to be addressed and resolved.

Do you remember when you were a kid and your parents ignored you, so you repeated your request louder and louder and louder until they finally paid attention?

That is all your emotions are doing! Trying to get your attention!

The good news is that rather than being shut down (and not feeling anything), you feel your emotions strongly which makes healing their underlying cause so much easier with the Greene’s Release Technique.

Actually, overwhelming emotion releases are the easiest to complete.

If you do not wish to do a personal session, get our workbook Heal Your Self: A Journey to Find You. It teaches the complete release technique, the tools to effectively use it, then specifically guides you to heal the effects of childhood abuse.

It is time to free yourself of this pain!

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Grief & Loss


Are you ready to stop hurting?

In a supposedly modern society, we have been shortchanged when it comes to knowing how to deal with our grief emotions and pain.

Yet we can heal and recover after this devastating experience – there is life after loss!

Like every traumatic life experience; the shock, emotions, memories, and conclusions reached (core beliefs) after enduring the tragic death of a loved one are stored in the unconscious mind – as a reference point to live our future life by.

The only way to heal this heartbreaking loss is to access, heal and remove this pain from the unconscious mind. While doing so may seem impossible, or difficult, it is surprisingly easy once you know how.

This is where the Greene’s Release Technique comes in:

  • Learning how to release unpleasant emotions as they occur rather than repressing them, will drastically improve how you feel and are able to cope.
  • Learning how to empty your storage bin of traumatic grief emotions will change your whole outlook on life – enabling you to rebuild a sense of control, well-being and ability to create a new life.

  • Learning how to heal the impact of your grief – guilt, regret, loneliness and anger for example, will end the unexpected emotional outbursts, give you peace, and enable you to enjoy life again – freely, without guilt or regret.

You will know when you are ready to face and release your pain with the Greene’s Releasee Technique.

One particular grief release always comes to mind. A woman was physically rigid from forcing herself to be strong for five long years. As soon as she released the pain that she was avoiding by being strong, the first thing that came to mind was having a long bubble bath with candles, music, wine and chocolate.

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Anger Management


Are you tired of being an angry person?

The world is filled with angry people. All lashing out and fighting with each other. Yet anger is merely an expression of the overwhelming pain and hurt that is stored inside.

The Greene’s Release Technique provides access to this storehouse to completely heal and release the impact of this repressed memory.

You can free yourself of this pain – permanently!

You may not realize, but anger has been your method of hiding your hurt and pain. It has been your way of being strong instead of weak and emotional. Anger feeds adrenaline which makes it harder to realize and take the first step to end it. But you need to take a stand against anger!

Anger not only hurts you but destroys the lives of your loved ones. Take the self test and see for yourself.

We store the emotion of every single life event. It is like all the pain and hurt and anger creates an inner bucket of pain. But when the bucket fills, the lid flies open at the slightest irritation and we explode in an emotional outburst without the ability to control it.

Many life topic releases involve 3 emotional responses – an emotional shock that it happened, anger, and hurt. Typical anger topics include abuse, adoption, parent’s divorce, death of a parent, being bullied or made fun of at school, embarrassing experiences.

Some of the strongest anger responses I have personally witnessed during release sessions have come from people who were physically, sexually or emotionally abused as children, or who were abandoned or adopted. But I have also seen deep resentment and anger as a result of a teacher’s public chastising. Yet most of these people had absolutely no idea that they were holding onto any anger about the event at all because it was hidden behind their repressed shock and hurt emotions.

You can either dissolve your anger on your own with the help of our Heal Your Self workbook OR during a private release sessions. All you have to do is decide that enough is enough and that it is time to stop living with this anger. Then you are ready to do it. The trick is being able to access the actual stored traumatic memory, which is what the Greene’s Release Technique specializes in.

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