Take A Small Step


As the first step to learn the Greene’s Release Technique is to shut down your analytical mind, I have put together some fun things for you to try that won’t seem like work at all.
But I guarantee that you will feel differently after completing them.

Let’s begin to change your life today!

1. A New Beginning
2. The Letter
3. Greene’s Meditation
4. Your Dream Life
5. Stop Pushing My Buttons
6. Creating Life’s Opposites
7. A Smile From Within
8. One Decision Will Change Your Life
9. Final Thoughts


1. A New Beginning

The changes you’ll experience are natural and spontaneous. You may not even be aware they are taking place. Therefore, the first step is to document your “Starting Point” so you will have an accurate picture to refer back to and compare your life against.

This is a really valuable step, so don’t skip it. Write about:

  • Your activities – work, relaxation, exercise, diet, habits, sleep etc.
  • Your thoughts – the things you think / worry / stress about
  • Your feelings – how you feel emotionally, upon waking, going to sleep, throughout the day, during interactions, and in your relationships, etc.
  • Your philosophy – what makes you happy, sad, and your thoughts on life and future possibilities.
  • Your self-beliefs – what do you really think of yourself?
  • Your Life – your relationships, financial, housing, health, and work circumstances.
  • Your passions & hearts desires — what are you passionate about? Do you make time for the things that make you smile from the inside out?

You may be surprised by what you write in your beginning statement. Don’t try to put a positive spin on things. Tell it like it is, because during this process you will transform every negative into its opposite. Hold on to this thought if you start to get bogged down in negatives.

The order you do steps 2 through 7 isn’t important, so do whichever one catches your eye or seems interesting. Give yourself at least one day to do each step, then a second day to think about and enjoy remembering the experience, before you move on to another step.


2. The Letter

Today, you are going to write a letter to yourself. But it’s not just any letter as you will discover when you listen to our Podcast What You Deserve.

It is a special letter where you share your inner hopes and dreams.


3. Greene’s Meditation

It’s time to do something nice for yourself – to take a break and learn how to relax without any of life’s stress. If you end up doing the Heal Your Self workbook, this relaxed state of mind will become a constant as you dissolve the reasons for your stress. You won’t ever need to escape your life and will wake up with a smile each morning, eager to live every new day!


4. Your Dream Life

Today, you’re going to document your Dream Life! This step is easy to do after you have learned how to escape a stressed mindset by completing the relaxation meditations above.

It’s time to discover your dreams and desires for your future life.

  • Find a comfortable chair, some quiet space and get a notebook.
  • Go into your relaxed space and state of mind, then begin dreaming of a life for yourself piece by piece, each adding onto the previous and expanding the picture. What is the life that would make you smile? You will find that although your mind may instantly think of elaborate situations, like winning Lotto, unless they feel right to you, you’re unable to feel them. Where would you like to live, who would live there with you, what would it be like, what work would you undertake? Consider your financial situation, hobbies, health, personal relationships, happiness, activities, family and self-care. Think about how your time is spent, things you wish to do, friends and social activities, education, how you feel in your state of mind, your personal work, organization, your place in the world, and how you feel about yourself. Include every single aspect of life imaginable.

  • Let yourself feel and dream of this life. Float in this dream life.
  • Document it clearly in your own words. This is just for you; no-one else gets to read it. Forget about all obstacles that you think might hold you back from living this life.

This is YOUR life we are discussing, so rather than scribble notes on loose paper, create a very special booklet for it. Begin a written documentation of your life (started in step #1), and expand on it by creating your dream life and path. Honor it and be proud of it. Make it special.

You can sit and float in your dream life any time – even float off into it each night as you go to sleep. It is already yours, waiting for you to want it!

Spend at least a week feeling and floating in this dream life before you move on to the next step. Of course, you can adapt your dream life as your personal development work grows. In the meantime, this will be your solid foundation for working towards its creation.


5. Stop Pushing My Buttons

Are you ready for people to stop pushing your buttons? Imagine a world where other people have no influence on how you feel or what you think about yourself. Wouldn’t it be wonderful?!

This Podcast walks you through the first steps that make interactions with other people so much easier. It is the first of several exercises in a chapter called Perceptions & Free Will, from the Heal Your Self: A Journey To Find You workbook. The impact of this simple exercise is profound.

Greene’s Release Podcast: Stop Pushing My Buttons


6. Creating Life’s Opposites

It is time to take a look at where you are headed.

  • Get out the document you wrote in step #1.
  • On a separate piece of paper, write down the opposite of every single feeling, experience and life circumstance.
  • Go into your relaxation space, and feel what it would be like to live this reality. Take your time and enjoy it. These are the opposites you will naturally create with Greene’s Release.
  • Now take a look at your dream life – isn’t it the same as these opposites? Do you now see how it works?


7. A Smile From Within

This simple, lovely activity will fill you with a smile as you give yourself the gift of feeling, fun and new things to do each day that make you smile from the inside out.

Greene’s Release Podcast: Smile


8. One Decision Will Change Your Life

Did you know that you can change your entire life with one decision?

This podcast shares the power that spontaneous decisions have in changing our lives… and how to make them.

Greene’s Release Podcast: All it Takes is One Decision


9. Final Thoughts

So, you’ve had some fun and experienced a few new things. In fact… you have just experienced Greene’s Release! It’s really not that hard or scary, is it? Workbook exercises are just as simple as the ones you have just done – they’re merely about different topics.

The best part is that even though the ‘work’ seems more like fun, when you go back each month and read your beginning statements (Step #1) you’ll be amazed at the difference – and how well the Greene’s Release Technique works!

The change is so smooth and natural that you aren’t even aware of it. However, your friends and family will notice the change in you!