The Greene’s Release Technique

You CAN gain instant freedom from your fears, your anger, your grief, your depression, past traumas, and all other negative states of being – and the life circumstances they create.

This may sound too fantastic to be true, but I assure you, the power of this technique to instantly and permanently dissolve the cause of any life problem is incredible. It still amazes me to this day.

Are you:

1. Heartbroken over a Relationship Breakup?
2. Tired of Being an Angry Person?
3. Dislike Yourself?
4. Sabotage Your Success?
5. Is Life Difficult?
6. Were You Abused or Neglected?
7. Are Your Emotions Overwhelming?
8. Still Mourning The Loss Of A Loved One?

Each point adds more information about the Greene’s Release Technique. The comments (epiphanies) you will read below are from actual release sessions. These are typical of the results YOU can achieve with the Greene’s Release Technique.

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1. Are you Heartbroken after a Relationship Breakup?

Are you still living with the pain each day? Is it destroying your new relationships? How many years are you going to carry around this pain? The Greene’s Release Technique can help!

man0000“Woa its gone! I can’t believe it!

I’ve woken up every single morning for the past 10 years filled with unbearable pain
as I think about my wife and the life I had, and now it’s vanished. In an instant!

That is AMAZING!!!!”

The Greene’s Release Technique is a self-directed method to access, heal and alter the memories that have been stored in your unconscious mind – fears, painful emotions, or conclusions (core beliefs). Once released, they are replaced with their exact opposite emotion and core belief.

You can dissolve any painful memory or emotional wound – in minutes – and never ever feel it again.

To the uninitiated, that sounds a bit “out there”… so let me explain the science behind Greene’s Release!

The Greene’s Release technique is not meditation, an out of body experience, affirmation, mind control, counseling, rationalizing issues or concepts, tapping, or even hypnosis. The technique is as real, everyday and practical as eating dinner. It’s doing something you do everyday naturally – but in a self-directed way. It is a self-guided activity, where you talk yourself through the steps. It is a manner of communicating with the subconscious – through feeling – without any need for brainwashing or trance-like hypnosis. You are in total control the entire time, and do not zone out in any way.


2. Tired of Being an Angry Person?

Why are you angry all the time? Do your children avoid you? Are your relationships falling apart? The Greene’s Release Technique can help!

“The anger has vanished!!

My family can’t believe the change. My hubby said “Where’s my angry wife gone?”
and my son said “Mum’s been taken away by an alien.

The change in me is UNBELIEVABLE!”

You automatically feel and react to the painful emotions of your stored memories, fears and core beliefs everyday – without any idea what they relate to. By releasing and replacing them with their exact opposite, the way you think, feel and behave instantly changes to match.

You can dissolve the CAUSE of any emotion reaction (anger, fear, panic, anxiety) in minutes – without having to understand its root cause.

You hear from your unconscious mind all day long – probably without realizing. It’s present in your mind chatter, spontaneous thoughts, emotions, and that nagging voice that tells you what you should and should not do. Have you suddenly remembered a childhood experience, and said to yourself, “oh, I forgot that ever happened!” The event you remembered had been stored in your unconscious mind, and you merely retrieved the memory. The unconscious is always busy at work.

The Greene’s Release technique uses whatever feelings you are having today, to retrieve the forgotten memory that created them. It allows you to replay it like a movie, so you can retrieve it more deeply and know what was going through your mind during the actual experience. You instantly understand how you felt, what you were thinking, and the conclusions (core beliefs) you created, no matter what age they occurred. It’s like going back in time.

The technique concludes by picking up the emotional component of the memory, and physically, emotionally and mentally removing it from your being. This part is so quick and simple that you’ll be amazed at the instant relief you feel. It’s like becoming a totally new person!


3. Dislike Yourself?

Is your mind filled with thoughts of self loathing? Are you disappointed with yourself? Do you hate the person you are? The Greene’s Release Technique can help!

“Oh My! They were wrong!

After beating myself up for 30 years I’ve just realized there is nothing wrong with me after all.


Everything you think of or believe (core belief) about yourself is what someone else taught or said to you! They are false beliefs! The epiphany of realizing the truth about yourself (after releasing a skewed core belief) is a wonderfully mind blowing experience.

You can dissolve any negative self concept or belief – in minutes – and discover the truth about yourself.

As we grow up, we forgot one very important thing. The core beliefs we took on as children were only meant to be temporary, helping us to function in the world at that time. Yet they never get upgraded as we mature and learn about the greater complexities of life. That’s why, in many ways, we still think like children.

You can decide to change these beliefs and self concepts at any time!

Do you wish to base your life on someone else’s viewpoint? Or would you like to remove these foreign beliefs which cloud your thoughts and sabotage your life, so you can create your own special ones? The most common response people have after they finish a release is “I feel blank.” Then they automatically hear a new conclusion in the form of an epiphany – which is always the exact opposite of their damaging core belief.


4. Sabotage your Success?

Have you wondered why you keep failing? Are you tired of continually sabotaging your life? The Greene’s Release Technique can help!

“I am astounded that I came up with that! I don’t think I could have contemplated that I felt guilty for their divorce.

I have accomplished more this week than I have in the last 2 months!”

Memories, fears and core beliefs create your life events – by releasing and replacing them with their exact opposite, your life experiences instantly transform into their opposites too.

Release the ‘failure’ belief and become successful.

The reasons behind your life events lay in the core beliefs which create them – and the circumstances surrounding their formation. They reside in your unconscious mind, beyond your everyday awareness. As the Greenes Release Technique uses feeling to access the unconscious mind and stored core beliefs, all you need do is feel then listen. You will be enlightened by your unconscious mind, as the stories behind your core belief are shared.


5. Is Life Difficult?

Is your life falling apart? Do you feel helpless? Does life seem like a never ending drama? The Greene’s Release Technique can help!

“A feeling of nothing has replaced the hopelessness!

I feel a lightness – a little bubbliness and excitement welling up as I think of the future.


You never have to think about your problems again. You never have to search your mind for answers again. You never have to analyze and rationalize any life event again. You don’t have to understand the workings of your mind. You don’t have to DO anything – just feel and be!

The Greene’s Release Technique shows you how to stop thinking and over-analyzing – and just feel and let the answers come to you.

Right now, you are probably addicted to the drama in your life. You love to analyze why people say certain things, why they behave the way they do, and how you can behave differently next time to make things better. It’s a very dramatic way to resolve things.

The problem with this approach is the answers never come because the reason for your life issues – your core beliefs – reside in the unconscious mind, beyond your everyday awareness. Consciously analyzing, rationalizing or justifying cannot uncover the cause, nor resolve it. Doing this actually makes it harder to resolve life issues – as it keeps your mind focused in the conscious, which prevents access to the unconscious mind.

The Heal Your Self workbook also shows you how to rebuild a wonderful new life, by looking at yourself and your world in a whole different way.


6. Were You Abused or Neglected?

While you may not realize it, the abuse is responsible for everything in your life today – even if you had therapy. The Greene’s Release Technique can help!

“It’s so easy. haha I’m quiet inside.

It feels like there’s nothing left in there. I’m seeing images of things that happened
but no real emotion reacting to them.

Years of therapy and medication never made me feel this good!”

This traumatic event is sitting inside you – just waiting for the time when you are ready to take the first step: to care, to do something for yourself, and to release it. It is as though the child is sitting there, ready, willing and excitedly waiting to come back and dance – which you literally feel like doing after the release.

Abuse releases are quick and easy to do – with transformational results!

Your traumatic experience not only shapes the person you are today (self image, confidence, belief in self, sense of security), but also your life circumstances and how you relate to other people. The basic principal is simple. You endured a horrific event (or events) at a time when you were extremely vulnerable. The childhood abuse and neglect naturally shocked and scared you so much, that you stored this memory and emotion in your unconscious mind. There it became part of your reference material to live your life by.

The Greene’s Release Technique lets you walk right into your unconscious mind to pick up the emotion and the memory – and remove them, completely. Just like you would pick up an orange from the fruit bowl. The results are instantaneous. They are permanent. And they are life changing. For anyone who has known the impact of childhood abuse, there aren’t words to describe how good this feels.

Abuse can have many different effects. The comments in ‘Tired of Being an Angry Person’ are those of an abuse victim. In fact, 80% of all private release sessions relate to child abuse. So I created two extra steps to do after the three releases (shock, anger, hurt) that awaken your love and connection with your child self, and let you feel how special you really are.

The Heal Your Self workbook also shows you how to rebuild your sense of self, confidence, and a wonderful new life.


7. Are Your Emotions Overwhelming?

How do you try to silence your emotions? Do you eat, drink, take drugs, or withdraw from life? Are you depressed, or are you desperate to overachieve? The Greene’s Release Technique can help!

happywoman00“There is less tension in my body.

My guard has been let down – a battle I don’t have to fight any more. I don’t have to
constantly keep those feelings pushed down. I feel deep peace,wellness, ease.

I feel rejuvenated, a sense of freedom!”

You literally pick up the emotional component of the memory, and physically, emotionally and mentally remove it from your being. This part is so quick and simple that you will be amazed at the instant relief you feel. It’s like becoming a totally new person!

You may be wondering if the Greene’s Release Technique is emotional. Emotions are emotional – so yes it is – but nothing like you imagine.

You have been re-living the emotions of this experience without any way of resolving them – this time, when these painful emotions surface, you will heal, and dissolve them on the spot – so you never have to feel them again. The emotions you have felt all these years were uncontrolled emotions from a child’s perspective. Yet now you are doing the release from an adult’s perspective. How you relate to the emotion will be very different this time.

Have you ever had your back massaged and felt that “ah” sensation? It hurts briefly, but then it brings instant relief. The Greene’s Release is similar – and produces instant, permanent relief from your painful emotions.


8. Still Mourning The Loss Of A Loved One?

Did your life stop the day they died? Is the grief too hard to bear? Do you feel numb – a bystander in your own life? The Greene’s Release Technique can help!

“It is exhausting to live with this pain. I’m tired of fighting with myself.

Now I feel calm, accepting. It’s done and I know everything is going to be alright.

It’s a very uplifting feeling!”

They were wrong! You can heal your grief. You can build a new life! You can remember your loved one and feel love instead of pain!

As the first component of grief is emotion, I created a simple Emotional Release Technique especially for those who are grieving. I worked with a widow to co-author a grief workbook called Heal Your Pain: Releasing the Emotions of Grief & Loss.

Grief is a life lesson and has many components, yet it is very possible to release your overwhelmingly painful emotions. You can quickly empty your storage bin of emotional events surrounding the loss, take back control of your mind chatter and worry, feel calm and confident about yourself and future life, and completely heal any sense of guilt, regret, sadness, and loss.

There is life after loss!


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