Success Tips

In this page:

1. Learn
2. Tips
3. Time
4. Anxiety
5. Sabotage
6. Personal Development
7. Play


1. Learn

feel01Initially, you can expect to do things that wake up your mind and stimulate your senses, rather than charge into analyzing and brainstorming solutions for your problems (which as you know, doesn’t work).

This unique approach is the key to developing the necessary skills so you can take a walk right into your subconscious mind to resolve and dissolve the underlying cause of your problems.

But you don’t have to wait until then to see changes in your life. Because Greene’s Release involves tools that you learn by physically experiencing and applying them to your specific life circumstances, your everyday life automatically changes without effort, as each exercise builds upon the previous.

You will ‘experience’ the written word as you bring it right into your physical, sensory and intellectual world.

Reading then becomes intuitive, as you learn how to go beyond merely reading without any thought or feeling, to wake up your brain and think in a new way, and stimulate your senses to experience in a new way. The learning and growth that automatically comes from doing this is amazing!

Try it for yourself when you reach The Smile exercise.

  • First, read it as you would normally.
  • Then on the next day, apply the principals of Intuitive Reading and see the difference in how you think, feel, have assimilated and grasped the concept presented.


2. Tips

The majority of people fail at personal development work because they do not realize that they have any role to play in their own success.

People do not realize that they have the power to control their own destiny!
Claim your power and your success:

1. Take Charge of Your Life

Are you in charge of your life – or are your emotions stronger than you?

Use the mind chatter exercise to shut everything down that stands in your way – while you learn how to permanently resolve them.

This is your life so are you ready to take charge of it?

2. Commit

Commit one month of your time to put 100% effort into changing your life – read each page carefully, follow the exercise instructions to the letter, do the work – view this as important!

At the end of the month rewrite your beginning statement and compare it to where you were just one month ago. And then re-commit to another month of 100% work and effort.

This is your life we are talking about – doesn’t it deserve your commitment?

3. Goal Setting

What is your goal?

To end the pain, be free of the past, live a happy life? What?

Write a clear goal – describe what you want – have to have it – decide that you cannot live without it – think about your goal everyday!

Stay focused and determined to reach your goal. Make reaching it your life purpose.

3. Pep Talk

Give yourself a pep talk – discuss what’s going on, are you determined and deliberate or unsure and half hearted?

Do you want to change your life? If the answer is yes, but you can’t ‘feel’ it strongly, use our podcast All It Takes Is One Decision to strengthen your resolve.

Give yourself a pep talk everyday if necessary – to get yourself started – once you get into the materials, you’ll love the strength that comes from within.


3. Time

timeYour quality of life is Important!

It’s easy to give 100% attention and effort to our work, educational studies, and even being a responsible parent, but when it comes to doing something for ourselves, we hesitate, procrastinate and simply do not view it as important.

People can manage to find the time to watch 4+ hours of television a day, complete never ending housework and chores, take care of the neighbors garden and dog, but struggle to allocate 30 minutes a day for themselves.

Then, when they do decide to take up something new, they get overly enthusiastic and spend 10 hours doing it on the first day, 1 hour a week later, and then don’t touch it again for a month.

Sound familiar? How many things have you started because you really wanted to do them, then didn’t?

Take charge:

Understand Procrastination

There is a very good reason why this happens, so don’t feel guilty. It can be very hard to spend time on yourself when deep down inside you don’t believe that you deserve, are good enough, have the power to change your life, or really want to face your fears.

As you go through the Greene’s Release materials, you will learn how to uncover the cause of self-sabotaging behaviors, then resolve and permanently remove them, so you only know success.

Take Charge of Procrastination

In the meantime, let’s set the stage for you to temporarily overcome any fears or self-beliefs so you can succeed!

  • Go through your schedule and find 30 minutes a day to allocate to you. That’s 30 minutes, uninterrupted, private, you time. It doesn’t matter if you have to leave your home, drive and sit in a park, or shopping center. It doesn’t matter if you spend 30 minutes less time doing housework each day, I’m sure the house won’t care. It doesn’t matter if you go to the library after work and come home 30 minutes later each day.
  • Listen for any sabotaging mind chatter as you think about doing this, and silence it and its influence instantly with the mind chatter exercise.

  • Consistency is very important, so make it the same time everyday. Then after a week it will have become a habit, and you’ll do it automatically without thought.

  • Let everyone know that you are taking 30 minutes a day for yourself, and watch them smile. When you finish with Greene’s Release, keep this time for you to have ‘me‘ time everyday!

All you need do is to make a conscious decision that this is important, and use the techniques to override all thoughts, feelings and fears that come up, until you have learned the skills to find their cause and permanently remove them. The mind chatter exercise is a good one to start your 30 minutes off with each day, then you will be clear thinking and logical as you read the book and plan the next day’s exercises.

Plan Your Time

Divide each topic into 3 different activities – then it will be easy.

  • Use your pre-planned 30 minutes daily to read a section, think about it, and plan whatever is required to undertake the activity during the next day.
  • The next day. Most activities are easy to do while you are out and about during your normal daily activities – a great way to apply them directly to your life and particular circumstances.

  • When there isn’t a specific activity, spend your day noticing and applying the section topic to your daily events. Think about how it relates, and impacts on your circumstances. See how you can incorporate the materials into your life today.

  • During your next 30 minute pre-planned time, write about your experience, ponder and think about it clearly – how it felt, what it was like to experience, what it meant, how it changed your normal activities. You will find that during the act of going over, thinking and writing about this topic and the activity, your mind comes up with new information, new knowledge – like all the individual pieces slot together. This is the trick to assimilating the Greene’s Release materials.

You can even accelerate your learning by writing a post in our forum. Having to explain a concept and experience to someone requires your mind to understand it in an entirely new way.


4. Anxiety

anxietyThe mere thought of facing up to your problems may have made you quite nervous – especially when you aren’t sure what is to come, so here are a couple of ways to stop the fear running wild and sabotaging your success.

People normally feel their fear, listen to it, and then avoid whatever triggered it – to help themselves feel better, well, at least until they attempt to face their issues again.

Today, I want you to take charge – calm, understand your fear (life fear, fear of facing your issues, mind chatter fear), and make an informed decision about it for yourself, so you can stop this fear cycle while you learn the steps to completely heal your fear once and for all.

You can do this:

Step Out Of The Emotions

While you are buried in the emotions of any situation, you can’t think clearly about anything – so the first step is to step out of the emotions.

  • Our Meditation – Relax 3 podcast will walk you through the process of silencing your fearful mind chatter, and enjoying some quiet relaxation. Then you will have stepped out of the emotions and be able to think clearly again – and calmly continue getting ready to permanently dissolve this fear.
  • If fear overwhelms you, before you are ready to discover and dissolve its cause, use the release in the Help I’m Overwhelmed chapter to release this overwhelming emotional response. Only use it when overwhelmed, rather than every time you feel an emotion – so as not to hinder your releasing options.

Understand Your Fear

Reason 1: Fear is your mind’s way of trying to protect and keep you safe! In an attempt to prevent your having to endure another horrific experience, fear jumps up to warn of the possibility of impending danger or a repeat situation. It may show itself in the form of fearful mind chatter, or as a deeper physical sensation – anxiety.

Know that it is just your mind’s misguided way of trying to stop you from hurting – just as you read in the mind chatter page. Therefore, because the fear you are feeling about facing your issues is not necessarily a valid one, it is your choice to believe or dismiss it.

  • To prevent fears from sabotaging your initial healing work, instead of listening and acting on their suggestions, write each thought and objection down in a notebook, thank them for their input and concern, saying you are in control and will address this issue when the time is right. Then use the mind chatter exercise to refuse to listen to them!

Reason 2: Your memories, beliefs, past hurts and fears are all stirring in readiness for healing, and naturally heighten your anxiety levels. But, by showing themselves and making you aware of their existence, you now have the opportunity to heal something that you were unaware of that has been sabotaging your happiness.

Rather than automatically shutting them down, or removing yourself from the trigger, stop and listen to them, just for a few minutes – understand what these fears are about. Write them down in a notebook, and smile as you think of the exact opposite thought, feeling and experience – this will be the outcome after you release this issue. Focus on that!

Use the mind chatter exercise whenever you are triggered at inconvenient times.

Reason 3: Fear of addressing the past with Greene’s Release. The mere thought of dredging up your past may be sending you into a panic attack right now. Relax, Greene’s Release is not what you think!

The anxiety you feel right now shows that you are not ready to heal your past yet. Of course you are not – you haven’t learned how.

  • So let the idea of facing and healing your past horrors go completely, and think of it this way. The Greene’s Release materials gently guide you to change everything about your life – not just past experiences – beginning with waking up your awareness; how you think, feel and enjoy each day.
  • By the time you face your past issues, you will have learned a set of tools that allow you to confidentially walk into your unconscious mind and heal your past experiences – easily, while in total control and without fear.

  • There is no need to worry about facing your past now – you will do this when fully able and ready.

Decision Time

Either you can continue to let uncomfortable sensations control and continually sabotage your life, or you can realize that yes, you have issues – we all have issues!, Yes, you have uncomfortable emotions – and that is why you are doing the Greene’s Release materials – to heal and permanently remove them.

You can take control and instead of focusing on your fear, use them to build your determination to finally be free of them!


5. Sabotage


We often sabotage our lives without any realization that we are doing so. That’s why many people who do personal development work give up or fail to see results – they are unintentionally sabotaging themselves.

Here are some suggestions to prevent this from happening while you work through the initial sections in the Greene’s Release workbooks.

Prevent sabotaging behavior:

Fresh Perspective

Every single workbook exercise and topic will produce a brand new experience when compared to those you have previously had – even when addressing familiar topics. If this is not the case, then something is amiss.

  • How you feel will be different
  • What you think will be different
  • The assumptions you draw will be different
  • The entire experience will be different

Self Sabotage

If you are taking any of the following actions, you are unintentionally sabotaging your workbook success:

  • Relating anything in this book to other books you have read
  • Working with another book at the same time
  • Skimming and searching for specific topics
  • Continuously ‘reading‘ or ‘skimming through chapter after chapter’
  • Not stopping to ponder a topic, or write an exercise when directed to
  • Doing more than one section or exercise in a day
  • Completing chapters in less than 3-7 days
  • Not doing the exercises
  • Using your memory of past experiences rather than physically doing the exercise
  • Doing the exercise activities in the same way you normally would
  • Paying attention to thoughts “this won’t work”
  • Thinking “I already know this topic”
  • Not asking for help when something does not make sense

Prevent Self Sabotage

Make a list of your personal development goals, and the necessary actions to achieve them.

  • Decide to take charge of your own life
  • Become more aware – notice the actions you are taking and decide if they are of benefit – decide what actions you wish to undertake in the future, because what’s good for you is important

  • Talk to yourself before starting your 30 minutes work time – this is what I want to do (learn about ’section topic’) and this is how I will do it (stop all mind chatter that distracts me, and focus on the topic)
  • Decided that your life is important – therefore taking the time to improve your life circumstances is important


6. Personal Development

personal_developmentWhile personal development usually involves the study of known personal development principles, Greene’s Release involves a physical experience of the inner workings of your own mind.

An open mind is essential to your success!
Be proactive

Personal Development Belief System

As a personal development devotee, you naturally formed a personal development belief system. These beliefs, and the expectations they create, can unknowingly sabotage your success with Greene’s Release – if not acknowledged.

You may have been taught that:

  • Your thoughts are your core beliefs
  • Your ego is a negative aspect of yourself

Activities in the Greene’s Release workbooks show you how to discover and physically experience your own core beliefs and ego self, so you can form your own conclusions.

If your mind is closed, you may:

  • Unknowingly sabotage your opportunity to experience these special parts of yourself
  • Automatically discount the possibility of their existence, and listen to your mind chatter “I already know this, so I don’t need to do this section”

To open your mind:

  • Decide to notice and monitor your mind chatter to prevent it from sabotaging your success
  • Listen to mind chatter, then decide that you want to discover the truth for yourself or keep believing what someone else told you to believe – and shut it down with the mind chatter exercise

An Intellectual Study of Life

Your previous experience with personal development work has honed your intellectual and analytical skills, so it is very natural for you to automatically approach the Greene’s Release materials from the same perspective without even realizing you are doing so.

  • Relating everything you read to what you have been taught about this topic
  • Thinking about what you are reading, and skipping sections and exercises rather than letting yourself feel them
  • Analyzing and thinking about what you’re doing instead of just experiencing the activity, prevents you from feeling and experiencing the exercise topic.
  • Using the smile exercise as an example. You may find yourself thinking about past experiences of smiling, how you feel about it, your knowledge of connections etc – when the exercise is merely a simple experience of opening up to just go out, smile at another person and notice how it makes you feel.

The analytical mindset makes everything complicated and dramatic – the free mindset that Greene’s Release is showing you how to awaken is very simple and easy. Greene’s Release teaches you how to step out of your analytical mind, which is the key to walking right into your unconscious mind.

To step out of your intellectual mind:

  • Decide to notice your intellectual mindset to prevent it from sabotaging your success
  • Listen to your intellectual thoughts, then decide that you want to discover the truth for yourself by feeling this experience – stop your thoughts and focus on what you feel
  • Deliberately practicing this skill over 2-3 days will make it easy

All you need do is decide to open your mind and just see what happens.

Personal Development Principles

While topics may be similar, the concepts and principles you will personally experience with the Greene’s Release workbook materials are very different to those you have analyzed. Therefore your experience of them will be very different.

You have studied so many ideas and life concepts – imagine what it will be like to experience them all firsthand!

All you need do is:

  • Decide to silence your mind chatter
  • Decide to verify every belief and principle that you have studied
  • Practice jumping out of your intellectual mind by feeling
  • Spend a week learning these skills, which will benefit all areas of your life
  • Want to experience and discover the truth for yourself
  • Know that the outcome of all exercises will be very different to previous experiences – if this is not the case then something is amiss.


7. Play

playRemember to enjoy the journey!

You’ve spent so much time focusing on your problems and drama that you’ve forgotten how to live and enjoy a balanced life.

There is plenty of time for work and for play, for exercise and mental stimulation, and for rest for dreaming.

Relax, the good news is that you don’t have to stress and worry about finding solutions to your problems because the Greene’s Release Technique let’s your problems come to you and resolve themselves.

You don’t even need to escape your physical life to feel good for a short time, and then feel the usual dismay when you come back to your reality – because feeling good will become your normal way of life.

Every moment you spend relaxing, using Greene’s Meditation and Dreamtime, feeling the ‘now’ moments (eliminating your ratings list makes this possible), and experiencing the new sensations that you encounter each day, you are building your strength, revitalizing your energy levels, and awakening to the real you.

Re-learning how to laugh, and smile from the inside out is just as important to your overall well-being, as planning your wonderful new future, working through the chapters, and undertaking release exercises.