What Is Greene’s Release?

We all want to be happy, successful, feel good about ourselves and live the fulfilling life that something inside tells us is possible.

Yet we find ourselves buried in our reactions to painful emotional memories, feeling guilty, insecure or fearful and just can’t seem to shake this cycle of negativity.

The Greene’s Release Program is a road map that ends the cycle and transforms your life in just 30 minutes a day. Our workbooks are filled with practical, real life activities to guide you through the process of physically transforming your life into its exact opposite, step-by-step.


You will:

1. Learn how to Apply What You Read
2. Feel Your Way Through Life
3. Release Overwhelming Emotions
4. Permanently Heal Emotional Wounds
5. Experience Spontaneous Enlightenment
6. Discover Your Inner Dreams
7. Learn to Enjoy Life Again
8. Feel Good About Yourself
9. End Mind Chatter
10.Let the Answers Come to You
6. Celebrate The Life You Have The Power To Create


1. Apply What You Read

One of the first things that our workbooks teach is how to go beyond merely reading words on a page to actively experience and apply the content to yourself and your life. Every chapter is filled with simple, practical exercises.

Yes, taking it from words on a page to something usable


2. Feel Your Way Through Life

After eliminating your Ratings List which has stopped you from feeling the ‘now’ moments, and ending the roller coaster highs and lows, you will experience how wonderful it is to literally feel your way through life.

Taking a shower hasn’t been the same since I read that. laughing.


3. Release Overwhelming Emotions

Discover a simple way to release overwhelming emotions at will, remove yourself from the emotional impact of situations and help yourself feel better.

This exercise is fantastic! I never thought feeling the emotion and releasing it could work. I can’t cry anymore. I tried to feel sad and I can’t anymore, it is gone!


4. Permanently Heal Emotional Wounds

You don’t have to hurt any longer. The Greene’s Release Technique gives you the power to heal and remove emotional wounds and scars at will. Including: abuse, death, fear, painful memories, relationship hurts and childhood scars. This comment was made after releasing childhood sexual abuse.

I feel nothing , it happened *shrug* It wasn’t right, but it is over. Yes and my body feels better thank you. That was miraculous! What is that called? It is amazing. It is most amazing. You actually did something kind of boggling. You see, I have never had clear memories of it Until tonight.



5. Spontaneous Enlightenment

By virtue of the process, the Greene’s Release Technique brings the inner workings of your mind into conscious awareness while you experience it first hand. This, combined with the epiphany after hearing the knowing of your own true self means that you walk away with a profound awareness of self and life.

Oh My! They were wrong!
After beating myself up for 30 years I’ve just realized there is nothing wrong with me after all. I can’t stop smiling.


6. Discover Your Inner Dreams

Deep inside is a knowing of the perfect life that you wish to live this lifetime. Each stage of our workbooks lead you deeper and deeper inside to discover and feel more of this picture so you may go on to realize it fully.

Thinking about the letter to myself made me feel great.


7. Learn to Enjoy Life Again

While the exercises in the very first chapter begin the process of experiencing a new enthusiasm and optimism for life, they are only a small taste of what is to come.

It is empowering to realize by doing these exercises I am holding my life in my hands. I have the power to live my life as I would like, as I decide to create it. It is entirely up to me.


8. Feel Good About Yourself

What if its not that we have to love and believe in ourselves, what if we just have to remove the reason that we don’t love and believe in ourselves – the false beliefs we took on as children?

Janet, you are very precious, as you have shown me the possibilities of seeing I am too.


9. End Mind Chatter

No more worrying, thinking about issues constantly, repeatedly berating yourself, expecting the worst to happen, or listening to your negative beliefs. As you permanently resolve each issue with the Greene’s Release Technique, the corresponding mind chatter ceases, forever.

I am calmer, more balanced and continue to grow as I learn to change my inner beliefs.


10. Let the Answers Come to You

The answers and solutions you seek come to you automatically. Just by listening while doing the Greene’s Release Technique, the base cause of your issue reveals itself, how it has made you the person you are today, led to your current situation, and much much more… Then you are free to resolve, remove and replace it with the exact opposite knowing and belief.

Hey, it’s gone and now I have the power to create anything I want. I have a solution.


11. Celebrate The Life You Have The Power To Create

The tools are all here for you to Awaken your Dreams, Dissolve the Obstacles and Live the Dream. I wonder what you will create for yourself.

Rediscover yourself, empower yourself from the inside out.