Why It Works

The subconscious mind is nothing like we thought. And that has been the problem all along – thinking.

While the conscious mind thinks, the subconscious mind feels. This is the key to gaining access to the Inner Beliefs, fears, memories and emotions which create our life experiences.

In this page:

1. The Release Technique
2. Workbooks
3. Sessions
4. You Don’t Have To


1. The Release Technique

mind_chatterThe Greene’s Release Technique is a self-directed method that uses feeling to communicate with your subconscious mind.

As you listen, your subconscious shares new information about your core beliefs, so that you can remove it and its emotional component – completely and permanently – from your being.

The skewed belief is then automatically replaced with the exact opposite belief – a positive, life affirming philosophy – which automatically creates the exact opposite life experience.

I am astounded that I came up with that! I don’t think I could have contemplated that I felt guilty. I’ve been punishing myself haven’t I?

The Greene’s Release Technique will enable you to:

  • Discover and eliminate the subconscious cause of any uncomfortable thought, feeling, or emotion
    – eliminating the possibility of any future repeats.
  • Empty your stockpile of emotions.
  • Heal any past experience.
  • Change any belief or rule of life.
  • Discover, then resolve/release the cause of any life issue, therefore eliminating that issue for good.
    Discover, then eliminate the known or unrealized base cause of anger, resentment, dislike of people, guilt, phobias, fears, anxiety, post traumatic stress, weight issues, emotional distress, and many other negative emotions.
  • Discover, then resolve/release the cause of low self-image.


2. Workbooks

IMG_3419Life doesn’t come with an instructional manual. That’s part of the reason we’re here – to experience and learn for ourselves.

Once we realize that life isn’t something that happens to us, we can become the director of our own lives – then we don’t have to re-live the trauma over and over again because we are ready to move on and enjoy the flip side of life.

But most people don’t know how to let it go and discover the amazing life that awaits them – and that’s what the Greene’s Release workbooks teach – how to use the Greene’s Release Technique to transform every aspect of your life into its exact opposite.

Each workbook includes everything you need to resolve your issues and create a wonderful new life for yourself.

Workbook Options

choiceffImagine if all the negative thoughts that fill your mind each day vanished. Waking up and feeling calm, instead of anxious. Walking down the street or into a room and not feeling self-conscious. Not having to worry about making a mistake, being judged, or rejected. Imagine what it would be like to hear inspirational thoughts all day long instead of fearful concerns. Or to feel calm and happy because your emotional triggers are gone.

Imagine being free to be You! This is what Heal Your Self: A Journey to Find You teaches.

choicegImagine healing your fear, memories, and negative beliefs of love and awakening to a world that is beyond fear and pain. Imagine discovering that love is an energy, a beautifully pure and complete essence of perfection. Imagine knowing that love is what comprises every single aspect of living as we know it. Love is what is behind all. Love is all.

Imagine being free to love! This is what Heal Your Heart: A Journey to Find Your SoulMate teaches.

choicelEveryone deserves to be happy, and we can have that and still cherish the loves we have had in our lives. There is room in our hearts to move ahead without diminishing what occurred in the past.

Heal Your Pain: Releasing The Emotions Of Grief and Loss shows you how to break free of the overwhelmingly painful emotions of grief, so you can move through the grieving process, rather than merely sitting in it.

Weekly activities address Mind, Diet & Body create an inspiring journey to:
Live Healthy Feel Healthy Be Healthy

This is what the Greene’s Release Weight Loss workbook teaches. (coming soon)


man0001Just imagine how much better you’ll feel once you learn how to silence the disruptive mind chatter and release overwhelming emotions on the spot.

Now that you can think clearly, you’re ready to learn about mental health, dissolve the issues that caused your mental distress in the first place, and create a brand new life. This is what the Greene’s Release Mental Health Workbook teaches (coming soon).

Money issues are an incredibly special human experience, created with the sole intent of forcing us to come to know what special beings we really are.

Every single thing we hope and desire comes back to our own beliefs of self. Do we deserve? Are we good enough? Do we belong? Do we have the right to happiness and love?

The Path To Money teaches you how to believe in yourself (coming soon).


3. Sessions

session2You don’t have to get the workbook and wait until you’ve learned the Greene’s Release Technique before you can resolve your most distressing issues.

Actually, the more emotionally distressing an issue is, the easier it is to resolve with the Greene’s Release Technique.

One session (where Janet Greene guides you through the release technique) is all it takes to completely finish with an issue. Your distress will vanish forever! Amazingly, if you think of the issue that had been so distressing, you won’t have any emotional response at all.

Release sessions are quite remarkable and include a copy of our workbook!

Because sessions are held in an online chat format, they are available to people around the world.

Janet has been doing these sessions for 10+ years now, and finds the distance that a chat environment gives clients helps them to relax and allow the release process to flow, without the insecurity that a face to face or telephone session involves.

Take a look at our Session FAQ, read About Private Session, or come into our Live Chat to ask your questions.

Janet, you are very precious, as you have shown me the possibilities of seeing I am too.


4. You don’t have to

You’ve grown up believing that life is something that happens “to you” – without your input or control. All you can do is cope as best you can with whatever life throws your way. There is another way!

You don’t have to:

  • Analyze or talk about your problems
  • Face your fears
  • Control your emotions
  • Learn how to cope with situations

All you have to do is get sick of it:

When you decide to stop being angry all the time:

  • You can release the underlying cause – and instantly become the real you – a happy, loving person.

When you are ready to stop living the impact of a traumatic event:

  • You can release and neutralize it – and never ever feel this pain again.

When you are tired of putting yourself down:

  • You can release this belief – and instantly discover a deep love for yourself.

It really is that simple!